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Soul Deep by Lora Leigh, now you can read online. Chapter One. Word received from the Feline Breed compound reports that Major Dash Sinclair of theUnited. Best Free Books Online Read by Lora Leigh in meiriseamamo.tk Soul Deep (Breeds #5). Views: Lora Leigh. The Paperback of the Soul Deep (Breeds Series #5) by Lora Leigh at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

His job was to watch her and protect her however, he could not keep himself from that one kiss-that's all it took. He eventually marks her and she has accepted it but is not sure how to reve Kiowa was very deprived from birth. He eventually marks her and she has accepted it but is not sure how to reveal it to her father.

He wants the life with her but is waiting on the new breed law to take effect since the breeds have come into civilization. He's not sure how he's going to become a part of it. This book is steamy and a lot of sexy scenes. It's not one of my faves but want to continue with the series. You'll like it. Oct 29, Denise H. Wonderfully written and captivating!

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I love this whole series! Feb 12, Zeek rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now Kiowa must hideout with Amanda until the rest of the Breeds can get to the bottom of her attempted abduction. But Kiowa had come to believe he had no soul so how can he give himself to Amanda the way she now demanded? She likes it salty and stinging. P I loved Kiowa- unapologetically Dominate. Amanda Marion eventually becomes the soul for a man desperate for someone to love him for who he is.

Soul Deep has gotta be one of the best of this series. Amanda eventually redeemed herself in my eyes at the end but I really wanted to punch her at times. Now Kiowa was interesting to read about and his story is truly sad.

It was great to finally learn what the fairy Cassie speaks to is a very interesting idea. Will continue reading, really looking forward to Dawn's book and Tanner's as well.

Dec 17, SheLove2Read rated it really liked it. I really loved Kiowa. He was so alpha yet so very vulnerable when it came to loving and being loved. Although I wasn't crazy about Amanda, I think she was a good fit with Kiowa for a mate. Apr 29, Kerry rated it really liked it Shelves: It means a romance story with explicit sexual encounters that still focuses more on the romance than the sex and doesn't really fall into the class of erotica.

In all honesty, I'm not sure if it's a true division between two genres or a way to make erotica more palatable to the general reading public. I haven't really read anything officially classed as the latter, so I can't compare. Ellora's Cave certainly isn't the only epublisher or print publisher for that matter that publishes these kinds of books, but they have the trademark on the word and they publish Lora Leigh. And Lora Leigh definitely falls into the definition of romance with explicit sex.

The romance is lovely and the sex scenes are well written, but don't pick up this book if you don't want details and blunt words and terminology.

A friend introduced me to Leigh's Breeds series a year or two ago and I enjoyed the concept and outer storyline as much as the individual romance. I suppose that reads kind of like someone claiming to read Playboy for the articles, but I promise, it really is true. That general concept is that a group of corrupt and highly-placed individuals created a new race of humans by mixing human DNA with that of wolves or big cats.

The resulting "specimens" were badly treated and have recently broken free. Their creators were killed, captured or have gone to ground and the Breeds are now trying to find a safe place for themselves in the world, hounded on all sides by curious people, human supremacists and the remainder of the Council who created them.

Each book I've read so far features a couple who find themselves mated, a biological imperative they can't resist which is what leads to all the sex , and have to figure their way through this difficult way to start a relationship. Leigh does a very good job of exploring the idea of biology versus emotion as each couple tries to figure out what part of their attraction is biological and what part is truly about learning to love the other person.

The plotlines are a little repetitive if you pare them down to the basics, I admit, but Leigh manages to create individual characters than make the books different and each one enjoyable.

After Soul Deep in the Breed chronology, she was picked up by New York publisher, Berkley, and that's pretty much where I originally stalled on reading the series, when she suddenly moved to the stories of two characters we had never heard of before and apparently dropped the over-arcing story of the progress of the Breeds in building a community.

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A little later, still publishing with Berkley, she went back to the initial group of characters. At that point, I was interested again.

But being me, I still felt the need to read all the books and in the correct order. So I went back to the beginning and reread my Ellora's Cave books. I now have a short story and one Berkley novel to reread and I'm up to the new books.

Goodness, what a lot of preliminary information before I even get to talking about the book itself! Amanda's father has just become President and an important vote is about to occur on a law that will essentially give the Breeds the right to police their own and take the law into their own hands when they are threatened. Worried that if anything happens to Amanda, President Marion may not vote for Breed Law as expected, Kiowa has been asked to keep an eye on Amanda as a backup to her normal security.

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Unsurprisingly, her security is compromised and she is kidnapped. Kiowa resuces her and suddenly finds himself responsible for the President's daughter and not daring to return her until the hole in her security is found and plugged. Kissing her to keep her quiet, he sets their mating in motion and from there, everything goes to hell.

He and Amanda end up at the Breed compound, trying to figure out how to relate to each other outside sex; they've got the sex party pretty much all worked out and find out if they have a relationship outside the bedroom. Amanda desperately wants to know she might have loved Kiowa regardless of the mating process, while he, already sure that he was falling for her long before he kissed her, is determined not to let her go. Soul Deep is a short book coming in between 45K and 70K words so there's a lot of story, romance and sex of course to fit into a small number of pages.

Leigh does it well, and while it requires the frequent romance novel requirement of suspending disbelief to accept that a couple can fall in love forever in a few days something I accept is possible but don't believe is usual in real life , and this is an enjoyable story with a satisfying conclusion. I never know where to tell someone interested in the Breed series to start reading.

Each book is complete and this one could easily be read by someone who hasn't read any of the others, but there are a number of secondary characters who it helps to have met already in the previous books. If you'd rather have it toned down a little but still hot , try either the short story in Hot Spell or Megan's Mark from Berkley.

Or, if this one sounds interesting, start here. It'll work out fine. May 01, Kelsey rated it did not like it. I ordered and read this book based on site reviews. I never thought that site reviews would do me wrong…but they did. Big time! The plot makes me believe the author has a grudge against women.

The premise is that when the heroine Amanda gets kissed by the hero Kiowa a coyote breed a chemical invades her body and makes her go into heat for the hero. If she refuses to have sex with him her body will become increasingly uncomfortable until the point of debilitating pain.

Only when she gives in and has sex with the Kiowa does the pain go away, only to start the process all over again.

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Also, if the Amanda is touched by another man besides Kiowa she feels excruciating pain, even if the other man is only trying to help her. The amount of pain Amanda goes through throughout the book is disturbing. The lack of communication and intimate connection between the two main characters is irritating and unromantic. The whole thing is skipped over and forgotten, and Hello!

Never does Amanda and Kiowa act like they love, like, or can even tolerate each other, Oh, except when Amanda is in horrific blinding pain from not getting her sex on. Nov 15, C Joy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wasn't expecting anything from this since the characters were unfamiliar to me. Ms Leigh introduced a new set of breeds Coyote and I was thrown off balance since the one before this clearly hinted at Dawn and Seth's upcoming story - which would come 6 stories after I think correct me if I'm wrong.

The introduction was a little slow and it could've been a robot's voice overhead but everything was suddenly alive when Amanda entered the picture.

She's full of life, and Ms Leigh really painted I wasn't expecting anything from this since the characters were unfamiliar to me. She's full of life, and Ms Leigh really painted a picture of the schoolteacher who loves kids, and she's also the newly-elected President's daughter.

Kiowa was backup security and was quickly shoved to the primary security role after Amanda was attacked. The attraction was instant at least on Kiowa's part since he's been watching her for weeks.

It's amusing how he doesn't know what's happening to him - that the hormones from his tongue were caused by having found his mate, and an aphrodisiac too - and more amusing when he learned about it through a non-Breed. I loved the story, this one's a little different because Kiowa and Amanda didn't know each other at all and she's as real as any of us, questioning the basic foundation of a good relationship which is not solely based on sexual attraction.

Things happened to fast and before anyone could know it, they're mated for life. My heart went out to Kiowa whenever he remembers the harshness of his grandfather, and longing for the mother he's never known.

It brought tears to my eyes when Cassie told him about his mother's ghost always with him, and it answered the question about Cassie's fairy, that she's psychic and could talk to ghosts. Now, the sex scenes couldn't get any better, I loved the kinkiness and how Kiowa was the answer to Amanda's every sexual fantasy, they hit it off well.

Beneath all that lust are emotions and little by little they fell in love - or Amanda reciprocated because Kiowa claims he loved her before he met her. This one's a good read and I'm on to the next.

Vom 5. In Kiowas und Amandas Geschichte ist allerdings wirklich fast nichts anderes passiert als das. Dazu kam, dass weder Kiowa noch Amanda in irgendeiner Form etwas Tiefgang bekommen haben.

Jul 03, Quinn rated it liked it Shelves: Kiowa is the first Coyote breed to get a book, and as you would expect, he made for a pretty hard-core hero.

His childhood, told by way of memories, was horrific, and of course had a dramatic impact on the hardened man that Kiowa became - as much or more so than his altered genetics.

Soul Deep is one of the shorter Breeds books, and I think it would have benefited from exploring Kiowa's past and present a bit more. Amanda, daughter of the 3. Amanda, daughter of the President, wasn't one of my favourite heroines. Kiowa prevented her kidnapping when her Secret Service guards didn't do the job, and took her to the Sanctuary so her safety wouldn't affect her father's vote on Breed Law.

I understand that she wasn't happy to find herself mated to Kiowa, a stranger, and see her imagined future derailing, but her escape attempt was definite TSTL territory. That said, they were smoking hot together. Amanda felt the mating heat more than the previous females, and it showed!

I can see how some readers would be put off by the first intimate scene occurring when Amanda was gagged and tied, but the scene when they were escaping in the car being driven by Simon was scorching. Jun 05, Oleta Blaylock rated it it was amazing. This is a very emotional book. Kiowa is such a terribly abused and unloved child. You have to wonder how he ever became the caring and honorable man that he is.

This story had me crying at the end. He wants so much and thinks that he can't have it because he is a Breed. I know the other were probably more badly abused but Kiowa wasn't raised in the Labs and should have had a better life. Amanda just wants to live in peace which can't happen when you are the daughter of the president. She is a str This is a very emotional book. She is a strong and independent woman but there are times you just want to shake her.

She is so determined to be free she almost throws away a love that will last until she dies. I will also say that she is brave. Allowing tests to be done that might one day help other Breed pairs with the painful mating heat. This is also the shortest story to date.

There is a lot packed into the story and it definitely won't disappoint any of the fans of this series. While there weren't any additional characters introduced the reader does get to see more of Tanner and Dawn's personalities. You also see how the animals that have been brought in to protect the compound interact with the Breeds.

It is very interesting. A definite recommend. Nov 19, Sammy Loves Books rated it really liked it Shelves: This read almost like a short story, only pages. I really enjoy the earlier breed books because the mating heat and it's effects are a mystery to the Breeds. Amanda has been kidnapped, and has both arms and legs bound when she awakens in terror.

When she attempts to scream, Kiowa kisses her to silence her but unknowingly unleashes the mating hormone. OMG I think he would have taken her while she was still tied up if they hadn't been interrupted The effects of the mating heat on Amanda and This read almost like a short story, only pages. The effects of the mating heat on Amanda and Kiowa were the most intense I can recall and the scene in the back seat of the jeep had me laughing out loud as the driver has to pull over and get out of the car because these two didn't care that they had an audience.

LOL This book was funny at times but very steamy. There was a sound plot, good character development and a happy ending for a Coyote that had been raised without knowing love. OMG I loved this book It was emotionally charged the whole way through. It was like reading a car crash, painful to watch but you just can't seem to stop watching. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details 3. If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5.

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October 18, ; Author Lora Leigh. Primal Heat Anthology. Ellora's Cave. Authority control ISNI: Retrieved from " https: American erotica writers American romantic fiction writers births Living people.

Hidden categories:But Kiowa had come to believe he had no soul so how can he give himself to Amanda the way she now demanded? As a couple, I thought that Kiowa and Amanda worked well together. Sie wirkte naiv und voreingenommen. Authority control ISNI: Smaller, secretive labs that still work to perfect the genetic selection that will create the bloodthirsty, logical, cold-blooded killers the Council sought.

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