Language Leader Elementary Audio Language Leader Elementary Teacher's Book Language Leader Elementary Supplementary Resources. Pre-Intermediate . Language Leader Intermediate Teacher's Book - Free ebook download as Language Leader Teacher's Language Leader Pre-Intermediate TB. Language Teaching & Learning Material & Coursework. The Language Leader Teacher's Book provides all the support teachers need from detailed teaching notes to extra photocopiable activities. The accompanying Test master CD-ROM provides a range of Unit Tests, Progress Tests and a.

Language Leader Pre-intermediate Teachers Book

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Language Leader by Longman Pearson - Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, The Language Leader Teachers Book contains teaching tips, extra. Language Leader Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book with Test Master CD-ROM Cotton Pearson Education The Teachers Book contains. Pre-Intermediate Audio. New Language Leader. Here are the audio resources to accompany your Coursebook. If you have any problems playing or.

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Why choose New Language Leader?

Order Locally. With a good balance of general and academic English, New Language Leader develops knowledge and skills that students need to learn and succeed in a globalised world.

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Contemporary topics stimulate discussions and develop critical thinking. We asked David Cotton, an author of New Language Leader, to share what inspired him to create the course and how New Language Leader can make you a legendary teacher. The key to success is a general English syllabus combined with academic English and exam preparation.

This way, students prepare for tests whilst developing a good general English base for future academic studies. Assessment spreads develop the necessary skills needed at the popular university admission exams.

Language Leader Pre-Intermediate

The course offers a variety of authentic materials that familiarise students with real English expressions and scenarios. New Language Leader provides a range of contemporary topics including business and global affairs, crime, travel, education, the environment, health, society values, science and engineering, sports, communication and globalisation.

These are familiar topics that students see in the news and online, which can stimulate discussion and develop critical thinking, and students learn how to construct logical arguments in English. It is not just about learning English anymore. To be successful in the modern academic environment students need to develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, text analysis, and digital literacies.

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Each lesson of New Language Leader has activities focused on reinforcing these competencies. The CD-ROM is a big-hit with many of my younger students or those who tend to use a computer a lot at work or at home. In fact these have been some of the most lively parts of the class.

The communicative speaking activities at the end of some units have also been particularly successful. However, where some texts give a lot of phrases and little material to stimulate the conversations, this text has plenty of opportunity to develop conversations on almost every page. It is a good choice for students wishing to learn general English but who think they may need English for academic or business in the future.

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As for teachers, I am sure most of you will enjoy using this book. I have been teaching ESL for 19 years and have used so many course books at various levels. It is my opinion that this is one of, if not the worst book I have ever had to use.

The listening sections are absurd. They constantly try to mimic American and Australian accents but the actors are clearly neither and they do a horrible job.

The absurdity of this is fantastically annoying and sets the book off on a bad note. It just gets worse as things move along and I have taken to completely ignoring all the listening in this book at this point.

The topics are not appropriate for Pre-Intermediate students. They are dry and uninteresting for the most part and cover things that the majority of my Asian students are not interested in. A good example is a 2-page lesson about Steven Hawking that, while it could have worked if done properly, is excruciatingly boring and much too complex for the level.What is it?

I was appalled at how backward that was. The communicative speaking activities at the end of some units have also been particularly successful.

A good example is a 2-page lesson about Steven Hawking that, while it could have worked if done properly, is excruciatingly boring and much too complex for the level. Enlarge cover. What's New.

Other Editions 1. Teaching support With the latest generation of MyEnglishLab, you can delegate some of your teaching routine to this smart technology. With its engaging content and systematic skills work, it is the ideal course for students who want to express their ideas and develop their communicative abilities.

Other editions.

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