The following excerpts are from Sarvabhavana Dasa's book Salted Bread, which focuses on how he and his friend Sachisuta Dasa served Lord Krishna and. Salted Bread Life of ISKCON Devotees in Russai early days of ISKCON movement. Documents Similar To Salted Bread. Blind Flange Design Calculations - By Abdel Halim Galala. Salted Bread book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Ships from USA. Will take days.

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Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Recently, I read a book Salted Bread. Salted Bread - A True Story” is all about two great Russian Souls – Sakris Ohanjanyan (Sako) and Gagik Buniatyan (Gago) who risked and. A digital version of Srila Prabhupada's original Teachings of Lord Caitanya. You can download the complete book from this page as a text PDF file.

The perfection of life is to please God. So, you should study the revealed scriptures and you should also follow the instructions given there. If you are sincere, then Krishna will send his representative, the spiritual master, to guide you at every step.

That is our diet, and soon we find that we have virtues that were previously covered by those sins. The virtues are mercy, austerity, cleanliness and truthfulness. The medicine that destroys the sinful contamination and strengthens our basic human virtues is the chanting of the holy name of Krishna and engaging in devotional service. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. He was very careful with all kinds of waste and would check out everything before throwing it into the trash can.

For example, one day he started to collect paper dust from the books. When we cut the pages with a hacksaw before binding and threading to keep the book pages together, bits of paper dust, very much like sawdust, were produced.

Everyone was curious about how he could possibly use this dust or shavings from the pages and covers. So now, everyone wanted to know what he was doing with the paper dust, but for a long time, no one was successful.

But one day, finally Haridas Thakur Das caught him in the kitchen while he was putting the dust in his dhal soup bowl. Suddenly the fat man got very angry and stood up. He kicked over my chair and I fell on the floor and hurt myself badly.

He started to kick me several times while pulling me up by my hair. He hit me once more and I felt my mouth filling up with blood. My facing was burning hot. I do not want you to download them and keep them here for the rest of your life.

It made me very happy that finally I had found a Christian who was in agreement on this point, which had caused me to think so much and which I found so very difficult to explain to others Thou Shall Not Kill Others….. Not to Kill Animals for eating Non-Vegetarian Food page 94 We had better be like the honeybee, taking nectar from each and every person, not like the fly who goes to only dirty places and finds only fault.

Three large, muscular men started to kick me as if I was a ball. My nose was bleeding until I could not feel it any more. Then they asked me to stand up, which I did. I do not remember what exactly happened after that, but after I came back to consciousness, I noticed that all my fingers were cracked and bleeding.

I closed my eyes so that they would not be burned. Thus you will come to Me without fail. Japa Beads from Bread — How to utilize everything for Krishna: Then you place it in a plastic bag and close it tightly so no air will get in.

The Salty Six Infographic

Then open it, mix the bread with some sugar, and keep it for about three days more. The bread becomes stinky and either black or brownish. Then, you open the bag and push the bread through some old cloth such as your shirt or handkerchief. Tightly and slowly with your fingertips, push the bread through the cloth.

After this long and hard procedure, your material is ready for making anything you wish, just like play dough. And after it dries, it becomes hard as rock. When my nose started to itch, I scratched it with my shoulder. I wanted to scream and tell all the people how fortunate and blessed they were to be outside and free, and complain about this and that situation, or we are unhappy that someone is creating some small problems for us and so on. I promise you that if once, even for a short time, you have to stay behind iron doors where there is nothing except dirty and dark walls, then as soon as you come out you will appreciate wherever you live, even if it is an old apartment or an uncomfortble environment.

You will surely appreciate the open sky and the signing of the birds, your brlken chair and rusted bicycle, the old car and the job that pays less than you want. Humans always want more and more from this material world than we actually need.

Then we understand the most important thing in life, which I think is that this material world is a place for miseries and that the only solution to our problems is fully surrendering to Krishna.

Too many bugs were there and I just kept scratching….. I stopped fasting after nineteen days page We as a devotees do not usually curse anyone, but the Lord can actually see what you people are doing. And if you are too cruel, then the Lord will certainly punish you in many different ways both in this life and the next. I told my friends that I must be a very unfortunate and sinful soul to be in this hellish condition on my birthday.

Sachisuta tried to convince me that actually I was very fortunate to be suffering for Krishna. From time to time, the temperature was to Celsius, which was very frightening. All the windows would get covered with ice about five inches thick inside and more than ten inches outside… page My teeth started to get weaker and weaker every day because I did not have any nutritious food at all and ate too much salt, which damaged my gums, making my teeth very loose.

I could easily wiggle them all with my tongue. Sometimes, even while I was eating my soft bread, they would move. His diet was the same as mine, three pieces of bread a day with salt and boiled water.

He held my hand and spoke very gently and sweetly. Just continue what you are already doing, and I will personally take care of you. After several months, they would be able to get his body in a stainless steel coffin with a seal that if you opened you could be jailed.

At least he would never show me that he was suffering. After hearing this tape it was clear to all of us, with no doubt that Sachisuta was a pure devotee of Lord Krishna. Everyone who heard this truly amazing story was touched and excited about it…..

Without faith and determination no one can achieve the highest goal of life. Do not lose faith or be discouraged under any circumstances.

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And last, we need to remember that eventually we are all going to die. So, it is best to take the time we have now to read the holy scriptures and learn the art of dying, just like my friend, Sachisuta Das… page Please engage in the process of Krishna consciousness as if this day were your last day. In this way become more and more sincere. Always remember that Krishna is the Supreme controller and enjoyer and serve Him with love and devotion.

Salted Bread

From the Marxist point of view, Ivan was the fire that would spread Krishna consciousness to others, thus defeating the communist ideology. This duty of service to others, while not the main tenet of bhakti-yoga, follows logically from our objective of serving the Supreme Lord. Moreover, they are easily discernible by the exercise of basic common sense. One who glorified God unconditionally and the other who felt threatened by their pious activities.

Dec 06, Somya rated it it was amazing I would like to thank the author so much for sharing his experiences and giving us a chance to know about two such wonderful souls who gave their very life and soul for the sake of God and Srila Prabhupada's movement. Anything I will say won't be enough. This book was such eye-opener for me and I realized how insignificant my so called problems are.

It made me cry so much. Two best friends Indeed best friends, even from spiritual point of view, they gave each other Krishna Consciousness, stood I would like to thank the author so much for sharing his experiences and giving us a chance to know about two such wonderful souls who gave their very life and soul for the sake of God and Srila Prabhupada's movement.

Indeed best friends, even from spiritual point of view, they gave each other Krishna Consciousness, stood by each other in the worst of times, just thinking how they had to be separated in the cell makes me cry. This book is real history, what actually happened in the USSR.

I can say sooo much about it It is an amazing story of two best friends. It is an amazing story of struggle.

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It is an amazing story of surrender. It is an amazing story of journey to God. It is an amazing story of Life. But it is not story It is real life.After hearing this tape it was clear to all of us, with no doubt that Sachisuta was a pure devotee of Lord Krishna. Check the labels to find lower sodium varieties.

One month before, they allowed me to grow my hair, so I had a little bit of hair on my head. Sort order.


It is especially effective for preaching to our rascal, ever complaining mind, because we can understand that our difficulties are nothing in comparison to what these great souls went through. One of them took hold of my ear and took me close to the metal door and asked me to place my fingers between the door hinges. Thank you, Krishna, for protecting and taking care of me, Hare Krishna, but please Krishna never again bring me back to this hell again, please.

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