The Playbook by Barney Stinson (with Matt Kuhn) - Free download as PDF File . pdf), Based on an episode of CBS's hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, the. Download THE PLAYBOOK by Barney This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Our partners will collect. C O D E. As seen on CBS's how i. met your mother. Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn . A: Your mailman is a Bro, your father was once a Bro, and the boy who.

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Now, with the help of The Playbook, you'll be able to approach any beautiful woman, discover her download The Playbook PDF for FREE. Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) was a truly legen -- wait for it! -- dary smooth talker on "How I Met Your Mother." According to his own blog. The Playbook is a book authored by Barney Stinson that contains a collection of scams Barney uses for picking up women. The Playbook was first seen in the.

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For the episode, see The Playbook. The Playbook Author: Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn Illustrator: Jennifer Hendriks Publication date: October Published by: An actual published version of The Playbook is also available.

Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome.

Actual Published Version The episode version is a large, leather-bound book. It contains various scams including: The Cheap Trick page Barney claims that he is the bass player of a rock band with the ironic name of "Cheap Trick" a real-life band. The My Penis Grants Wishes page Dressed as a genie, Barney claims that his penis, like a magic lamp, grants wishes if one rubs it hard enough.

The He's Not Coming page Barney goes to the observation deck of the Empire State Building a rather romantic setting and tells random women "He's not coming" until one breaks down in his arms with the realization that their boyfriend isn't coming for whatever reason. The Don't Drink That page 7: Barney stops a girl from drinking a drink, and then claims that Ted slipped something in there, resulting in Ted getting tackled by the bartender.

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The Ted Mosby page Dressed like Ted, Barney says he was left at the altar. The Mrs. Stinsfire page Barney poses as a maid at a school in order to see girls in the bathroom.

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This is a tribute to the film, Mrs. The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn page Barney creates several fake websites that make him look like an extremely famous and noble person named Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, then tricks a girl into seeing the sites and become interested in him. The Scuba Diver page ; the last page, which was torn out of the book as part of the elaborate plot: Entire process is the episode The Playbook.

The Time Traveler page Barney describes the play he used, the "Lorenzo von Matterhorn ", using fake websites, [2] [3] a smartphone , and an exotic name. Barney's next move is a play called the "he's not coming," where he seduces vulnerable girls at the top of the Empire State Building.

One of the girls Barney picks up, however, is an actress friend of Lily's, and she steals the playbook when in Barney's apartment. Lily reveals the ploy to Barney and threatens to post the playbook on the Internet if he doesn't stop using it. Barney shows up at the apartment in a scuba suit , saying he has one last play, "The Scuba Diver.

They go down to the bar, where Barney sits in a booth.

The gang heads over, and Barney tells them he plans to seduce the blonde by the bar. They ask him what "The Scuba Diver" is, and Barney breaks down, saying his breakup with Robin was hurting him more than he thought, and this was how he coped.

Touched, the gang convinces Claire the girl at the bar, portrayed by Sarah Wright to go out with Barney for a cup of coffee. After they leave, the gang gets a text message from Barney and finds the description of the "Scuba Diver" under their table at MacLaren's.

It was actually an elaborate con ; involving Lily's disgust at the playbook, revealing Barney's tricks to Claire, Barney's fake breakdown over his breakup, and his friends encouraging the prey to go with Barney.The plays in this book are scientifically calibrated to excite the female sex nodes enough to make her actually consider having sex with a stranger.

Hold up a poster with your phone number. Lily reveals the ploy to Barney and threatens to post the playbook on the Internet if he doesn't stop using it.

This is done so that even a chump like you has a shot at glory. The Kidney was mentioned in Weekend at Barney's.

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