Original children books for free download, in PDF versions or read online, great kids This is another great free picture book from Bookbot – the reading app . Download Free PDF - A great book for learning simple English phrases too. This is another great free picture book from Bookbot – the reading app . Download Free PDF -. Downloads: . Marching to Freedom is a creative non- fiction picture book written around Gandi's famous march to freedom. Mahatma.

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Children's. Picture Books. Interviews. Children's Book Author Kwon Yoon-duck. Novelist Choi Jae-hoon. Spotlight on Fiction. The Gaze at Broad Daylight by Lee . 8 Book Exhibitions. 8 Presentations at IFLA Conferences. 8 Impact of the Programme. 9 Ideas for using The World through. Picture Books. 11 Book download. in and sees that all his classmates are animals! A tenderly-illustrated story about cultural differences, acceptance and friendship. Picture Book • Ages

Shambhavi Singh. A day in the village doing laundry is fun for everyone in this short early reader. Another great book brought to us by Pratham and Storyweaver. This is where I live.

Today is a new day. In Archie Makes a Big Bang, a science theme early reader from bookbot, we follow the fun tale of an inventor and his creative inventions. This is an early reader book, aimed at introducing phonics, sound out words, and high-frequency sight words.

This is another great free picture book from Bookbot — the reading app …. Anupa, Lal Illustrator: Suvidha Mistry. In My Best Friend, we see how imagination and dreams can make something feel real.

She lives in my house. When I am happy, so is she. When ….

In Who Takes The Train a child looks at all the different people and offers that come and go on the train while enroute to her destination. This is a fun book for young children and good preparation for an upcoming journey. Rob Owen. Counting Animals is a counting book for numbers , perfect for kindergarteners or pre-schoolers learning their numbers.

Sample Text from Counting Animals: One elephant is going to drink water. Two giraffes are going to drink water. This book was ….

10 Easy, Enjoyable Children’s Books That English Learners Will Love

A fun bedtime book for young children. Another great book brought to us by Bookdash, see more of their books on our site here: In Flying High, a young boy dreams he is flying high.

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A beautiful story for small children. This is a short book suitable for reading to young children or reading by children learning to read. Praba Ram, Sheela Preuitt, Illustrator: Vidyun Sabhaney. This count-down style book counting down from 12 to 1, introduces readers to fascinating celestial objects, to space concepts, and to the people involved in the various facets of astronomy.

It may just inspire them to take a step towards a career in astronomy. Come, let ….

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A tom cat is trophy hunting to impress his female friend, a hard to please siamese. This short wordless comic will appeal to children, cat lovers, and well just about anyone.

Dave Revoys amazing comics …. Rohan Chakravarty. Who Ate All That Up? Sejal Mehta Illustrator: Rohan Chakravarty This is a level one book, for beginner readers, brought to ….

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Another great rhyming book with a moral brought to us by Yan Li. See Yan …. New To KidsEnglishBooks. Classic Stories and Fairytales!

All stories have pr intable pdfs and downloadable mp3's. I will be adding many more stories and fairy tales soon, so please check back.

You are free to download and print any book for personal or educational use. Books may not be sold, and please link directly to the web page with the book if you would like to link to us, not to the book file.

Posting the books or audio files on another website in any form is a violation of International copyright laws. Thank you for your cooperation and happy reading! Read with and to your child everyday. Teach them how to read slowly by first teaching them their name and helping them recognize that letters form a word. Use phonics to promote phonetic awareness that letters represent sounds. Be patient. Play with them, play catch, go to the park, and say the names of things as you go along.

Sing often with your child. Read in front of your child.

Children love to imitate their parents.Be patient. Benjamin Franklin was an amazing person, statesman, businessman, author, philanthropist, and inventor, with his achievements from the declaration of independence to contributions to discovering electricity. Vahishta Mistry, Illustrator: Share it Categories: Tony J Moon.

Another great book from Pratham and their Storyweaver platform. This is where I live.

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