Lots Of Toppers Refer 'Oxford Student Atlas For India' A Nice Ebook For Map. This Ebook Covers Entire Syllabus For Map. You Don't Need Any. New pages added compared to 3rd edition. Netaji IAS Rating: Rating [usr size=20]. Verdict: Anyhow until you crack the exam you should have an atlas. Oxford student atlas 3rd edition – Netaji IAS Rating. by Netaji IAS But new features are available only in new edition. Netaji IAS it is 3rd edition. It is always better to choose latest edition(4th). INDIAN HISTORY-ANCIENT INDIA - PRATIYOGITA DARPAN OPTIONAL SUBJECT Current Affairs Monthly Magazine PDF.

Oxford Student Atlas For India 3rd Edition Pdf

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The Oxford Student Atlas for India uses the latest state-of-the-art techniques to oxford school atlas latest edition pdf; oxford student atlas 3rd edition pdf; oxford. Oxford Student Atlas for India 2nd Edition - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. c. xmm. Second Edition. Oxford. The Oxford Student Atlas for India uses the latest state-of-the-art techniques to produce maps that are.

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Oxford student atlas 3rd edition – Netaji IAS Rating

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Oxford Student Atlas (4th edition) (PDF)

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Amrul Alhaq. Khoo Hock Leong Khoo. If you want to know about more parks and sanctuaries look up on the internet or the Manorama Year Book. Finally, determine the important mountain passes and the states they are situated. Tackling Highways in the Atlas If you look at the past years papers you will realize that questions related to highways, the golden quadrilateral, north-south and east-west corridors are pretty common.

So how should you prepare for these? While its not possible to remember or recollect all the national highways nor is it required focus on the important ones, the first ten. National Highways is also a good way to understand the location of major towns and cities from north to south and west to east. For instance Bangalore is located in a lower latitude than Chennai. Keep your eyes open for such kind of minute information in the Atlas. Likewise, study the golden quadrilateral and north-south, east-west corridor route and locate the major towns en-route.

First have a look at all the coastal states and towns. Then continue to the important straits and gulfs between islands. The Andaman and Nicobar islands are quite important from the exam viewpoint. Look at their position from north to south.

The lowest point Indira point , the dormant volcanoes on Barren island, the Coco channel separating them from Coco islands and so on. Your curiosity is the key here. The more often you go through the atlas the more places and facts you will discover. Keep discovering. Similarly locate the important ports along the east and west coasts. As you might now there are separate maps for waterways, highways, railway zones in the Oxford Atlas which is what makes it so useful for the prelims. I suggest you go through the maps of our neighbours in detail.

Look at the important cities and towns as well as the major rivers and mountains. Similarly do so for other countries and continents.

Find out the countries through which the Equator passes. Also you should know the location of disputed islands in the news like the Coco Islands and Falkland Islands.

Some rivers like the Mekong, site, Danube and Nile pass through several countries. Which are these? Also do you know the capital cities and other major towns that lie on river banks?

Oxford Student Atlas For India Ebook pdf Download

Find out. As I mentioned earlier, curiosity is your best friend when preparing the atlas. Look at the atlas at least four times a week for minimum 30 minutes, and if possible, everyday.

Keep the What and How questions in mind and once in a while let your self go and just keep discovering stuff for the pleasure your get from it.Because many and I also as an ias aspirant are waiting for this type of useful material which is essentially required for our study. Shashi Thakur. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Approved Code of Practice and Guidance. Raman contains the work Raman did in the last decade of his life.

The India section comprises physical, geopolitical, historical and thematic representation of the states. Linda Cockburn.

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