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Avatar-The-Last-Airbender-– - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. the last air bender avatar the. Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko bring The Promise to its explosive conclusion! The Harmony Restoration. Avatar book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The final chapter!The Harmony Restoration Movement has failed, and the wo.

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Learning that Kori is the daughter of the Mayor of Yu Dao, the first colony created by the Fire Nation, Zuko travels to the city to confront the Morishita family.

He learns that over the last century, the Fire Nation colonists have become deeply integrated with the original Earth Kingdom citizens, to the point that there are now mixed-race families, industries that use expertise from both cultures, and Earthbenders who consider themselves Fire Nation citizens, including Kori.

Realizing that the Harmony Restoration Movement would bring an end to this, Zuko withdraws his support for it. Zuko's decision causes protests from Earth Kingdom citizens, including the Freedom Fighters, who believe that Zuko is refusing to give up the colonies, and prompts Aang, Katara and Sokka to travel to Yu Dao to confront him.

Aang's predecessor Avatar Roku urges Aang to fulfill his promise to Zuko, reminding him that his own failure to kill Fire Lord Sozin led to the Hundred Year War happening in the first place. Despite seeing the prosperity of Yu Dao for himself, Aang insists that the Fire Nation cannot keep occupying part of the Earth Kingdom if the world is to live in harmony. Katara suggests that Yu Dao be the exception to this rule, but Zuko states that the same should be done for the remaining colonies.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise, Part 3

The Earth Kingdom protestors are unhappy with Aang's decision, having suffered the presence of the colonies for over a century, and give him three days before they attempt to retake the city for themselves.

Returning to the Fire Nation, Zuko visits his father for advice.

Upon arriving in the metropolis, Aang learns that an Avatar Aang fan club has been set up to honor him. Aang briefly enjoys the company of his fans, since they remind him of his old life among the Air Nomads. The two teenagers then try to convince Kuei to meet with Zuko, but the Earth King, in an attempt to appear strong after Long Feng's manipulation of him, states that he will order troops to Yu Dao to ensure the completion of the Harmony Restoration movement.

Aang and Katara return to Yu Dao to try and convince the colonists to evacuate before the Earth Kingdom army arrives. In the Fire Nation, Ozai talks about Zuko's indecisiveness, referring to an event from Zuko's childhood in which it nearly got him killed. Zuko interprets the story as his father saying that he should side with the stronger side in the conflict, but Ozai tells him that, as Fire Lord, whatever decision he makes is the right one, by virtue of the fact that he made it. Correctly predicting Kuei's response to the Yu Dao crisis, Ozai urges his son to do whatever is necessary to protect his citizens, viewing them as an expression of the Fire Lord's will.

Zuko subsequently becomes reluctant to do so, out of fear that he would be no different from his father. Sokka and the Firebending master agree to a match between Toph's students and his disciples in three days, but Sokka is unaware that Toph's students don't know how to bend metal. After several unsuccessful attempts to get the students metalbending, Toph gives up, explaining to Sokka that while she recruited her students with the belief that they could become metalbenders, she feels that she's been trying to force them to become something they're not, similar to how her parents treated her.

Toph's students overhear the conversation, and upon realizing that Toph believed that they could become more than what they were, they are inspired to figure out how to metalbend, and subsequently win the match.

Zuko's girlfriend Mai learns about his meetings with Ozai from Suki, who is serving as one of Zuko's bodyguards. Upset that Zuko would keep secrets from her, Mai breaks up with him. Shortly afterwards, Zuko learns that Kuei's army is marching towards Yu Dao. Sadly admitting that his father was right, Zuko mobilises his own forces to defend the colonists.

Aang also encounters the Yu Dao chapter of the Avatar Aang Fan Club, who had been informed of the approaching conflict by the Ba Sing Se chapter, but becomes offended when he sees the members wearing airbending master tattoos, considering this an insult against his culture.

He subsequently decides to see the Harmony Restoration Movement through to the end, believing that harmony can only be achieved when all four nations are separate, as stronger nations cannot help but hurt or make fun of weaker ones. Leaving the scene with Aang, Katara, who no longer supports the Harmony Restoration Movement, starts to explain how she saw more than just Kori and her family when she saw Yu Dao, but is interrupted by an attempt by the protesters to force entry into the city.

As Aang and Katara unsuccessfully attempt to stop the protesters, Sokka, Toph and Suki, who had warned the other two about Zuko's intentions, attempt to delay the Fire Nation forces, fearing that another war will start when the two armies meet.

Katara again manages to talk him down, and explains that when she saw the Morishitas, a family with the heritage of two different nations, she saw her and Aang's future, and asks what separating the nations will mean for the two of them.

At her advice, Aang leaves the scene in order to decide on a course of action, whilst his friends and the Avatar Aang Fan Club attempt to stop the fighting. As Aang meditates, Roku again tells Aang to think of the world above all else and fulfill his promise, revealing that he is Zuko's great-grandfather on his mother's side.Nov 22, Rottgrl88 rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know there is another series comming out now, so i hope it takes up to then.

Holy shit what a good message for cultural acceptance and individuality and identity and a DIRECT no-no towards cultural appropriation. Si son fans de la serie les va a gustar. However, an unexpected controversy breaks out, as the older colonies are composed of people who have never lived within the Fire Nation and have intermarried with Earth Kingdom citizens.

Aang will forever be a role model for me, but the path which Zuko struggled with is a reminder that we make bad choices, but that does not mean that we can not make good ones too.

The book — and by extension, the trilogy — end with Zuko talking with his sister Azula, now incarcerated in a mental institution, about searching for their mother.

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