The Poker Blueprint - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Poker Blueprint. ВУЗ: НТУ Davis, Aron. The Poker Скачиваний: Добавлен: . Postflop: Let's Play Some Poker. PokerStrategy ($50usd Starting Capital FREE No Deposit Needed). WilliamHill .. recognize tilt among regular players, playing poker will be an easy task.

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The Poker Blueprint: Advanced Strategies for Crushing Micro & Small Stakes NL - site edition by Tri Nguyen, Aaron Davis. Download it once and read it on. Read or Download The Poker Blueprint: Advanced Strategies for Crushing Micro & Small Stakes NL PDF. Similar Nonfiction books. Make Your. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download The Poker Blueprint Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by site · Book of Life.

You are willing to work hard and hope that one day you will be at the top. Most important of all. Time is no longer on their side. You were a cashier last quarter and got promoted to a higher position this quarter. But in poker. If you ask high-stakes players what they would do differently if they were to start again. Looking back. All I wanted to do was play. They don't want to lose it all when they have so much to lose.

These are the same nosebleeders who definitely wouldn't hesitate to gamble if they were younger. They are still young. In poker. Other regulars will stay out of your way.

It was a rush to improve every time I sat down at the table. You want to move up as soon as possible. You love your field. The problem is being satisfied with where you are without taking a shot at the top. I remember when I first started playing poker. I could deposit and rebuild at lower-stakes. I ran that account to about K and closed that account when I ran bad. The thought of me losing download-ins didn't even register in my head. I did what any young kid would do. I wasn't good enough to 6-table yet.

I sat down. Then one day. My confidence was sky-high. I don't know how I won. If I'm 20 like I was. To my amazement. I had two! I was afraid I would lose it all so I left and played 4-tables. If I'm Then I found out about rakeback and asked Party Poker to close my account because it's bad luck. I know I wouldn't have the chance to make as much money as I could if I were to follow strict bankroll-management guidelines.

I got bored at NL and played NL. I don't think I stopped to think for a second that I might bust my account. Over the course of the night. After my big win. If I have to guess. I am very bad at video games. At this point. I felt pretty dangerous inside. I won and won and finally got into a big hand for all my chips.

Let's pretend I can go back in time and knowing what I do know. Next thing I know. That's the ultimate move in live poker. They closed my account and I created the account SlowHabit.

I remember limp-re-raising all my strong hands in 6-max games. I didn't know any better. I had enough money and went to a local casino to play live. I was playing NL on Party Poker for a month during my senior year in college. For my online bankroll story. It felt awesome.

It's fifteen- thousand for a broke college kid. At this time. I remember playing NL on Paradise Poker and getting sucked out on over and over again. But do I regret it?

I was using my two download-ins rule. I sweated for a few minutes and realized I could beat this game. I ran hot and continued playing the biggest games on Party Poker until legislation passed and I can no longer play on the site. Or worse. Or am I just being delusional. What if a lineup of the top five nosebleed players invites you to play a game of 6-max game at your regular stakes. I'm talking about the situations where you feel the timing is right and you're feeling good about your game and luck.

You have to embrace the risk. Their opponents are also different. If you get tilted easily by taking a shot and losing. Would you take it? I know I would. Not exactly a risky situation. They play differently. If that is the case. I'm likely a college graduate. Taking shots is one of the most important things you can do to improve as a player. There is always an opportunity to be better. Take all the time you want. In terms of learning a lot and also future potential earnings.

I know I would because I would learn a lot. My philosophy is that if you are running good and playing well. I have to repay my parents for taking care of me and making me who I am. You lose a download-in and move down to rebuild. I have more responsibilities. By that time. What Ivey or other nosebleeders do. Try Again If Phil Ivey suddenly got in contact with you and offered to play you HU at one stake higher than your regular game.

So if you aren't afraid of losing a few download-ins to Ivey. You have the most to gain when you are playing against these players because you learn more. You eventually have to defeat them. You might risk playing down to your opponents. If you lost with AA pre-flop. Some people are afraid of losing.

Move down. If you are playing against a bunch of morons. As a professional. The cutoff for the majority of people is six download-ins.

Just like the first time we touched that burning stove. But think of it as college tuition if you lose. I don't care why you lost. I developed a system to help me put things in perspective. A simple strategy I use for stop-loss is to think of my biggest winning days and average them out. You will feel that you're not.

Once you start to lose an amount of money that seems big to you. You paid for your lessons. If you can withstand long break-even stretches. Stop-Loss People often ask me how many download-ins do I lose before I quit? The answer depends heavily on how good your game is compared to your opponents. This will make it hard for you to grind the lower games because now. Go home and analyze why you lost.

Give yourself three download-ins and move down if you lose it. No one can. You should also take shots to improve your game. After that. And you will play scared.

If I'm having a losing session and it passes the average. Some people cannot fathom the idea. If I ever teach a poker course at university. Try again. But trust me. The thought of breaking even over K hands can tilt people and create an enormous amount of stress that can be very tough for you to overcome. I try to quit. I know I did. You are better than that. Just remember to move down once you lose three download-ins. But besides that. There is nothing wrong with this. They have to incur a lot of expense to improve.

But knowing that there's no way in hell you are coming back helps you to step away from the tables. It is just not how I want to live my life. If you play higher.

Game Log Analysis If you look over your game log for the past year. For some people. Cash-Out Versus Moving Up It's important to try to move up as quickly as possible to the stake where you can comfortably play for a decent living.

This stake should be NL. I'm much better at quitting now. I know it's tough to quit when you are stuck but hopefully. The main reason I got better at quitting is to look over my game log. They have to improve their infrastructure. The enthusiasm for learning the game has a relatively short span. That's your expense. You shouldn't cash out to spend a lot. This was how I realized that minimizing losing sessions can increase your income tremendously.

You can cash out and put it in the bank in case one of the poker sites collapses. I quit. Any business in the real world isn't going to be very profitable in the first three years. Use it for coaching and taking shots. A business doesn't generate a lot of profit if it isn't good at what it does.

It doesn't make as much if it doesn't have a market share in its niche. If you somehow cut half of those sessions down. For this reason. I think it is important to be the best poker player that you can be before you settle down and grind the games.

Spend as much money as you can to improve your game. If you play lower. It's going to be very tough to do it upon command. I still have trouble with it to this day. They have to develop a system in their company. I should be clearer. In other words. Not many stop to ask how these players manage to have the roll to play Guy. What if there's a great game and you can't play in it because you are not rolled for it?

Many people think the Dang Brothers. Just on a lower scale. They were willing to take a risk when it presented itself. You have worked hard and now you can see your reward.

They probably don't. If you keep cashing out and spending it. Phil Galfond and Durrr are lucky because they have the rolls to play Guy Libierte in the ultra-nosebleeds game. You can too. This is when you want to settle down and grind the tables to reap the profits. A set has 3 combos. How many combinations of AA does he have? There are 4 aces left in the deck.

If we manually count them out. There are 1. Based on the list from above. This is one of my favorite math topics in poker because learning hand combinations. Two pairs have 9 combos. With that said. Any two specific suited cards have 4 combos. This may seem intimidating. Any two specific cards have 1 combo.

Unpaired cards have 16 combos. Pocket pairs have 6 combos. Straight draws — 4 combos of JT suited JT clubs. JT hearts: There are 4 combos of 98 suited preflop. How many combinations of sets. AA — 3 combos: The flop is He checks to you. On the flop. JT spades. AK and straight draws are in his range?

Sets — 7 combos: JT diamonds. As you can see. If he checks. If we know he never check-raises with a straight draw here.

Even if he does. It should be a great supplement. This does not replace hand reading in any way.

If he bets again. Another option is to call and see what he does on the turn. His hand range here is very strong. We have 48 percent equity against this range. Versus that range.

We did not try to put Villain on a specific hand. He might be the type to 5-bet all-in with AJs and With the dead money out there.

This is how you should be thinking in poker.

His range is much weaker compared to that of our previous opponent because of his maniacal. So his hand range has weakened. We know that AA is only a small part of his range. His hand range has not changed because he will c-bet this dry flop nearly percent of the time. Sometimes he will show up with a good hand. Checking allows us to control the pot size and check behind with our weak hands.

We call. Unless he is going for an unlikely check-raise. He would have bet those hands to try to extract value from a weaker Kx. Consider the following example. The turn is a and he checks. Hand ranges are dynamic and can change after any given action.

And if you think his range is weaker than your hand. You can say it in terms of being a favorite or a dog. They are one and the same. Percentages are very straightforward. Probability and Odds Probability is the proportion of the time that something is likely to occur or has already occurred. The higher the percentage.. It is usually expressed as a percentage e. To do that. You only need to understand a few basic fundamentals of poker to become a great player.

Once you learn these concepts.

There are two ways to describe a ratio. Convert 3: Convert 2: Pot Odds One of the essentials of poker, pot odds are something that every poker player should learn about. We will cover two types of odds: Knowing about odds allows us to determine if a call, bet, fold or raise is the most optimal play.

Here are five simple steps we need to take to determine our pot odds. Determine the original pot size. Determine the amount we have to call. Add up original size of pot and amount we have to call to get the Total Pot Size.

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Express it as a ratio Total Pot Size: Amount we have to call. Convert it to a percentage. Do we have enough odds to call? In order to know if you can profitably call here, you need to know your odds.

Total Pot Size: Amount we have to call If more than 25 percent, you stand to win money in the long run. We can convert 2: It does take a little getting used to in the beginning, but after a bit of practice, you can easily do this in seconds. If you have trouble understanding this, I suggest you read this section again to feel more comfortable.

It took me a while getting used to it myself. Implied Odds Implied odds reflect how much we expect to win in later streets if we hit our hand. You simply add what he has left excluding his bet to the Total Pot Size.

Our new odds are Figuring out implied odds is very similar to determining immediate odds. Reverse Implied Odds Reverse implied odds reflect how much you stand to lose even if you do hit your hand. We have a lot of money left behind to make up for it. To get this number.

If we plan to fold to a turn bet when we miss. Even if we do hit an Ace on the flop. This reduces our 37 percent equity to about 20 percent. Against a hand like AQ.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Good thing we have implied odds. Check out The Odds Chart on page In the above example. AQ and AK when the money goes in. Based on this alone. If more than 30 percent.

So after he bets the flop. If you are behind. Because there are so many players in the pot. The flop comes out What is your play in this situation?

You should check-fold. K and A. With the dead money already in there and being OOP. Allow me to demonstrate. Since most of his range includes marginal hands like T9. He bets full-pot and we check-raise to 3.

Often times. Although we can call here.

The Poker Blueprint: Advanced Strategies for Crushing Micro & Small Stakes NL by Tri Nguyen

Raising will fold out medium-pair hands like 99 or 8x. This is because of fold equity. Since poker is all about being aggressive at the right time. The flop is We check. If he folds to our 3-bet.

Three-betting with the intention of getting it in against a 4-bet is rarely our goal with AK. If he calls. Fold equity. We will be able to fold out hands that are a favorite against us but too weak to call OOP If he 4-bets us. They work best when you deal with small numbers of outs. Also note that Multiples of 2 are generally more accurate than Multiples of 4. The actual number is The actual number is 17 percent. This means that on average.

I plugged this into Poker Stove to find out that you have 65 percent equity. Now use the equation below to figure out your EV. When you lose. The flop is He checks. Made hands: He can do this with AA. You estimate his hand range the possible hands that he can hold. Against this range of hands. A6s and 76s. To figure out the EV of your call. We can also take away AK some of the time because he would want to 4-bet you and get it in pre-flop. We will remove some sets and two-pair hands from his range because he will often fold Just know that as long as you keep winning Sklansky Bucks.

Now you can plug in the numbers to find out. Since folding is zero or neutral EV. You should do it whenever you have time. You will not be able to make these kinds of calculations at the table. In order to know if this is a profitable call. To accomplish this. How often we must be ahead for How often we must be ahead for our call to be profitable against a our call to be profitable against a pot-size bet? Pot size: Amount we have to call Pot size: To determine if this is a profitable bet.

How often do you have to be good here for this call to be profitable? Villain may bet half-pot or full-pot. All you have to do now is memorize it. If I were to learn poker from the beginning again.

Learn the math now. I plugged all the numbers into the equations and organized the answers for you on page Learning these charts is one of the easiest and fastest things you can do to immediately improve your poker game and win rate. Poker is all about having an edge over your opponents. These situations happen all the time in poker. Knowing these charts is certainly one of those edges. The Fundamentals Preflop: Players will know what your range is and they have the opportunity to continue or not after you act.

If you get raised here. This is the fate that most. Show description. Read or Download The Poker Blueprint: From Schematic Designs to Finished Boards. An Introduction. The medical learn of networks, together with computing device networks, social networks, and organic networks, has bought a massive quantity of curiosity within the previous couple of years.

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Additional resources for The Poker Blueprint: Show sample text content. Time isn't any longer on their aspect. They clever up a bit. Once I became aware of it, I worked harder and improved tremendously within a few short months. It was a lot more enjoyable and refreshing as well.

You will get from this book what you put into it. If you read it without applying any of the strategies, then it is merely information. I cannot promise you a magic bullet, but I can assure you that if you study the materials in this book and apply them, you will become a better player—enough to beat your current game. A few years ago, when online poker was full of really bad players, it was easier to win.

I miss the days when bad players would open-limp all the time and had no problem stacking off BBs with top pair, no kicker. Unfortunately, those days are gone. However, fish are still swimming around, just in smaller groups than before. You should go out of your way to search for them. This is because table selection is the most important factor separating winning and losing players. If a player plays over 35 percent of his hands, unless he is regular, he is almost always bad.

If he plays over 35 percent of his hands and raises less than 10 percent of his hands, then he is almost always bad. The most profitable fish are loose and passive aggression factor less than 1. Important Note: Anyone sitting with less than BB should get you salivating, especially if they are playing on just one table. This almost always means they are recreational players, and that means there is a lot of passiveness in their game. Although they can be annoying, the best way to deal with them is to not call their shoves too light.

This range changes with respect to our positions. If I open UTG and a short-stacker shoves, my calling range is tighter. Your calling range also depends on how loose they are. Although practicing this advice is hard, before sitting down, watch the game for a few minutes to see who is playing normally. Sometimes a solid regular has a losing session and can be playing his C game, which you can exploit.

Some people start to play looser than. Figure out which players fall into which categories. Once you are able to recognize tilt among regular players, playing poker will be an easy task. No money tastes sweeter than tilt money. If I have the option of having position on a really good player or having position on a really bad player, then I would instantly choose having position on the bad player.

A good player can give you a lot of trouble by using his positional advantage, but you can easily counter this by folding a lot of your marginal hands and playing only with the nuts. Since he is so aggressive, you can basically win by closing your eyes and check-calling three streets with your strong hands. For some reason, the majority of fish like to sit in the lower two seats. Of course, he will be stealing your blinds left and right, but the presence of the fish makes it a very high-EV Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

He loses control of himself and his game deteriorates. Player Tendencies Although practicing this advice is hard. So if you aren't afraid of losing a few download-ins to Ivey. On monotone boards. You eventually have to defeat them. They have to develop a system in their company.

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