Wilbur Smith - [Hector Cross (Crossbow) 03] - Predator - Tom Cain (retail) (epub) - dokument [*.epub] DEDICATION I dedicate this book to Niso, who is the Sun. Predator. PDF – by Wilbur Smith. ( success downloads). Publisher: HarperCollins () Language: English ISBN ISBN . FICTION>; Action & Adventure>; Predator - EPUB. Share This Title: Predator Predator. A Crossbow Novel. by Wilbur Smith. On Sale: 03/22/ Predator.

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Read "Predator A Crossbow Novel" by Wilbur Smith available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Former operative Major. Predator EPUB. by Wilbur Smith. Download - Immediately Available. Please note: eBooks can only be downloadd with a UK issued credit card and all our. Read {PDF Epub} Download Predator by Wilbur Smith from the story Traditional by landbertpopham87 with 0 reads. class, ever, rule. Simple Way to Read.

I killed you and fed your filthy corpse to the crocodiles. Leave me and go back into the depths of Hell where you belong. Then he felt disembodied hands reach out from the darkness of the room to seize his shoulders and begin to shake him.

Wake up! Please wake up. Then with burgeoning relief he began to untangle himself from the coils of the nightmare which had enmeshed him. At last he came fully awake. Tell me it's you.

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It's me. Hush now. It's all right now. I am here. The room was flooded with light, and he recognized it and remembered where they were and why. They were guests in a medieval castle in Scotland on the banks of the River Tay on a chilly night in autumn. Hector picked up his wristwatch from the table on his side of the bed and glanced at the dial.

His hands were still shaking. After a while his breathing settled. With the reflexes of a trained warrior he had shaken off the debilitating effects of the nightmare, and he whispered to her, "I do apologize for the alarums and excursions, my love. However, the damage is done.

We are both awake, so we might as well take full advantage of the moment. But after a moment she mumbled into his mouth without pulling away from him. She was still lubricious with their earlier lovemaking and almost at once she wanted him as much as he did her.

She rolled on to her back with her arms locked about his neck and as she pulled him over on top of her she let her thighs fall apart and reached up for him with her hips, gasping as she felt him slide deeply into her. It was far too intense to last long. They mounted together swiftly and irresistibly to the giddy summit of their arousal; then, still joined, they plunged over it into the abyss.

They returned slowly from the far-off places where passion had carried them and neither of them could speak until their breathing had calmed. At last she thought that he had fallen asleep in her arms until he spoke softly, in almost a whisper: "I didn't say anything, did I? Only some wild gibberish that didn't make any sense. They had come to it as the only way they could keep the fragile light of their love for one another burning.

Jo Stanley had been with Hector during the hunt for the two men who had murdered his wife.

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When at last they had succeeded in capturing them in the Arabian castle they had built for themselves in the depths of the jungles of central Africa, Jo had expected that Hector would hand the two killers over to the United States authorities for trial and punishment.

Jo was a lawyer and she believed implicitly in the rule of law. On the other hand Hector made his own rules. He lived in a world of violence wherein wrongs were avenged with biblical ruthlessness: an eye for an eye and a life for a life. Hector had executed the first of the two murderers of his wife without recourse to the law.

This was a man named Carl Bannock. Hector had fed him to his own pet crocodiles in the grounds of the Arabian castle where Hector had apprehended him. The great reptiles had torn Bannock's living body to shreds and devoured it.

Fortuitously Jo had not been present to witness the capture and execution of Carl Bannock. So afterward she had been able to feign ignorance of the deed. However, she had been with Hector when he had captured the second killer.

This was a thug who used the alias Johnny Congo. He was already under sentence of death by the Texas court, but he had escaped. Jo had intervened fiercely to prevent Hector Cross taking the law into his own hands for a second time. Ultimately she had threatened to end their own relationship if Hector refused to hand Congo over to the law enforcement agencies of the state of Texas. Reluctantly Hector had complied with her demands. It had taken several months but in the end the Texan court had confirmed the original sentence of death on Johnny Congo and had also found him guilty of further multiple murders committed since his escape from detention.

They had set the date for his execution for 15 November, which was only two weeks ahead. Jesus Christ, Johnny, what happened to your face? The walls to either side of him were painted a faded, tatty lime green, and he was speaking into an old-fashioned black telephone handset, held in his left hand. In front of him he had a yellow legal pad and a line of sharpened pencils.

On the other side of the glass in front of Weiss, in a cubicle of exactly similar dimensions but painted white, stood Johnny Congo, his client. He had spent most of that time when he was on the run in Africa, carving out a personal kingdom in the tiny nation of Kazundu on the shores of Lake Tanganyika with his former prison-bitch, turned business associate and life partner, Carl Bannock.

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That was Weiss's connection. His firm had represented Bannock in his dealings with the family trust set up by his late adoptive father, Henry Bannock.

The work had been entirely legitimate and extremely lucrative, for Carl Bannock and Shelby Weiss alike. Weiss, Mendoza and Burnett also represented Bannock in his role as an exporter of coltan, the ore from which tantalum, a metal more valuable than gold that is an essential element in a huge array of electrical products, was refined.

Since the ore originated in the eastern Congo and could thus be considered a conflict mineral, no different from blood diamonds, this aspect of Carl Bannock's affairs was more morally debatable. But even so, he was still entitled to the best representation money could download.

If Shelby Weiss had reason to suspect that Bannock was living with an escaped felon with whom he engaged in a variety of distasteful and even illegal activities, from drug-taking to sex-trafficking, he had no actual proof of any wrongdoing.

Besides, Kazundu had no extradition treaty with the U.

So that, Weiss figured, made him Carl Bannock's brother-in law, except that there didn't seem to be much brotherly love in this family.

Hazel had been murdered. Cross had blamed Carl Bannock and had set out to get his revenge. Now Bannock had vanished from the face of the earth.

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You've been outbid by someone else's max bid. Foreign Agent. The books are set in the following time periods: A Falcon Flies Men of Men s—s The Angels Weep 1st part s, 2nd part The Leopard Hunts in Darkness s The Triumph of the Sun The Ancient Egypt series[ edit ] The Ancient Egypt series is an historical fiction series based in large part on Pharaoh Memnon 's time, addressing both his story and that of his mother Lostris through the eyes of his mother's slave Taita, and mixing in elements of the Hyksos ' domination and eventual overthrow.

They had set the date for his execution for 15 November, which was only two weeks ahead. Leave me and go back into the depths of Hell where you belong.

Wild Justice. When the Lion Feeds.

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