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The Book Of Mormon Cd

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Book Of Mormon - Original Broadway Cast Recording on Discogs. The Book of Mormon was named best musical theater album at the The Book of Mormon original cast recording was recorded at MSR Studios, Studio A in . "The Mormons Take Manhattan: The Book of Mormon soundtrack on God. The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical that pokes fun at the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Book of Mormon - Original Broadway Cast (CD).

I think he reads at a good speed and uses appropriate inflection. You do hear the narrator turning and shuffling pages and I do find this distracting and a little annoying. Doctrine and Covenants and New Testament Box Set. The Old Testament. Charles Freed.

Triple Combination Box Set. Hallowed Journey: The Drama Covenant Communications. A 2nd Witness: The Elizabet A very original show worth enjoying. Verified download: Yes Condition: Great recording of the original Broadway cast.

Enjoyed it very much. Very entertaining. Wonderful,almost standard at times, musical spiced up with some shocking and verbally graphic moments. A little rough for the devout and serious to handle but, one must have faith AND forgiveness. If you can have a sense of humor about being human,being Christian,can laugh at yourself and others kindly; you should be able to enjoy this.

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This musical is absolutely exquisite! I live in Salt Lake City and I have to deal with this people everyday, they were very accurate with there personalities.

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See all 8 brand new listings. download It Now. Add to cart. The Book of Mormon: Act 1.

Hel lo! The producers and authors and directors of The Book of Mormon gambled on newcomers, and I think they — the producers and authors and directors and the newcomers — will come out all right.

Let us also mention Michael Potts, who delivers the already-infamous "Hasa Diga Eebowai"; Brian Tyree Henry and Michael James Scott , who get to sing only a few laugh lines but do so convincingly; and the entire contingent of young Elders, who bring gleeful joy to the proceedings. Let us further salute Lewis Cleale, who is hidden away in several roles not even included in the cast list — Joseph Smith, Jesus — but who is of inestimable comic value to The Book of Mormon.

Nikki M.

The Book Of Mormon - Soundtrack

James photo by Joan Marcus Listeners will observe that the orchestrations sound considerably better than they do in the theatre. There is a reason for this: the CD does not use the show orchestrations. The pit orchestrations by Larry Hochman and Stephen Oremus are canny, amusing, and thoroughly functional; but they are written for and performed by nine musicians, not the 23 on the CD.

Consider the string section: the show has one fellow switching between violin and viola; the CD has six violinists, two violists and two cellists. That's ten times as many strings on the cast recording as in the theatre, plus triple the reeds and double the brass.

Hochman is one of our finest contemporary orchestrators, mind you; but there's only so much you can do with nine pieces. But, then, economics were different — and She Loves Me wound up losing money.

Which will not be the case with Mormon. Two electronic keyboards and one drummer make up a full third of the Mormon pit band; under these conditions, even the most talented orchestrator isn't going to get much orchestral color.

Splurging on a larger orchestra for the CD makes perfect sense, mind you, when the producers can afford to do so, and is certainly not unheard of though usually to a much smaller extent.

The results, here, sound great; but what you hear on the cast album should not be mistaken for the Tony-nominated orchestrations. All of this Mormon discussion leaves us with a fundamental question. Given the vast number of surprises, plot and otherwise, to be found on the CD — and considering the difficulty most theatregoers will have in scoring Mormon tickets in the near future — will listening to the CD in the meantime spoil the experience?

Absolutely not, sez I. Why deprive yourself of the fun?


And this score is plenty of fun, whether on stage or CD. If you have tickets next week, or maybe even next month, you might want to wait. Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy Mormon now. A good chunk of the humor is visual, from the many dozens of sight gags and the nifty choreography by Casey Nicholaw.

The Book of Mormon Set

Which is to say that even if you have listened to the score a dozen times, you're first viewing will be — there's that word again! The CD booklet merits a word or three. Nowadays, face it, many people just download their music. Easy, quick, and no trip to the CD store or whatever passes for a CD store nowadays.

The closest thing I have to a local CD store, which is to say one of those big bookstores with a large CD section, just went bankrupt and sold the fixtures. Easy to download digitally, yes; but the Book of Mormon CD comes with a first-class and altogether snazzy booklet.Hel lo!

Backstage with 'Book of Mormon' winner Trey Parker". Critics have taken the play very warm; everyone liked the sparkling humor and excellent quality, which is confirmed by total of 9 Tony Awards.

Archived from the original on May 16, Retrieved December 12, Good Week for Book of Mormon ". Easy to download digitally, yes; but the Book of Mormon CD comes with a first-class and altogether snazzy booklet.

First Listen: Cast Recording, 'The Book Of Mormon'

The album was mastered by Scott Hull. Kristin Rawls, in her critique of the score, draws several parallels to other musicals. Through personal charm and cheerful metaphorical stories, missionaries eventually tip the scales in their favor and stay there to live, preaching a new religion they have invented.

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