Rockschool's Electric Guitar Grade 1 covers some key techniques you'll need to become a top rock and pop guitarist. Discover more. The Electric Guitar Grade 1 book contains everything you need to sit your Grade 1 exam - in one essential book. It's packed with essential techniques and theory. Rockschool Guitar Grade 1 () (): Books.

Rockschool Guitar Grade 1 Book

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My daughters guitar teacher recommended this music book so we bought one. After several months my daughter was ready to consider doing her electric guitar . Learn to play rock and pop with Rockschool. These specially written arrangements develop the skills and techniques you need to help you achieve your musical. - download Rockschool Guitar Grade 1 (Book & CD) book online at best prices in India on Read Rockschool Guitar Grade 1 (Book & CD) book.

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The hardcopy or paperback version can be downloadd from all good online retailers and music shops worldwide. The paperback version includes everything you need for your exam in one essential book, including sheet music, MP3 audio and complete supporting tests.

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For the RSL shop we've chosen the most widely used media for ease of use and flexibility when transferring across different devices. Every complete digital book e.

Electric Guitar Grade 1 includes:. We know downloading digital content can be frustrating at times which is why we've given you multiple chances to download your audio and sheet music.

This means if you misplace your content, or if your download times-out, you'll still have plenty of attempts to download your content. Change Currency. Learn more about the Guitar Grade 1 syllabus. Guitar Grade 1 The Guitar Grade 1 book contains everything you need to sit your Grade 1 exam - in one essential book. What you'll learn at Grade 1 Doublestops, staccato notes, accents and slides Major and minor scales.

Minor pentatonic scales and chords Playback skills download Options The digital version includes the book PDF format , all tracks and supporting tests. Learn more about your downloading options.

At all levels of examination, if any outcomes or assessed criteria cannot be demonstrated or are demonstrated less securely as a result of the equipment, this may be reflected in the marks awarded. We have exam centres all across the UK and in 38 other countries around the globe.

Electric Guitar Grade 1

Find your nearest UK centre. Looking for a teacher in your region? We can help! Find a teacher near you via our extensive online database.

Find a teacher. Electric Guitar. Home Electric Guitar Grade 1. Electric Guitar Grade 1 The Grade 1 Guitar exam is for candidates who have been learning between six months — one year and have mastered the key basic skills.

Exam time Grade Exam: Key Features at: Grade 1 Double stops, staccato notes, accents and slides Major and Minor scales.

Electric Guitar

Minor Pentatonic scales and chords Playback and performance skills. Performance Pieces At Grade 1 the performance pieces last up to a maximum of 1 minute 15 seconds.

Technical Exercises At Grade 1 there are three groups of technical work. C Natural minor: A Minor pentatonic: A, E Major pentatonic: A, D, E individual chords will be strummed once as directed by the examiner. A minor Tempo: C major or A minor Tempo: Melodic Recall The examiner will play you three notes in sequence.

Low E string Tempo: Music Knowledge For this section of the exam, the candidate chooses the piece to answer 5 questions on. The treble clef The time signature Whole, Half, quarter and eighth note values The difference between a major and minor chord Instrument Knowledge In Grade 1 you will be asked to identify: Each time the test is played it is preceded by a one bar vocal count-in. Tempo: 85 bpm Rhythmic Recall The examiner will play you a two bar rhythm played to a drum backing on the lowest-sounding E string.

You will be asked to play the rhythm back. You will then be asked to identify the rhythm from two printed examples shown to you.


The test is made up of quarter and eighth notes and quarter note rests. Each time the test is played it is preceded by a one bar count-in.

Rockschool: Guitar Grade 1 2018+ (Book/Audio)

There will be a short gap for you to practise. Next you will hear a vocal count-in and you will then play the rhythm to the drum backing.My Girl Track 3 of The riff shown in bar 1 should be played in the same shape in bars 2—4. Donation amount: Each time the test is played it is preceded by a one bar count-in.

Practice Diary. RSL is committed to maintaining and improving its reputation for excellence by providing high quality education and training through its syllabi, examinations, music and resources. Home Rockschool Guitar - Grade 1 AMEB Ltd. Minor Pentatonic scales and chords Playback skills Guitar Grade 1 features:

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