Samosa Ingredients cups of cubed boiled potatoes 1/2 cup of finely chopped onions few cauliflower florets (optional. Warning #1: This book is not to be taken seriously. Do not read this if you don't have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy. Do not read this if you ARE a fifteen. Read Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) Ebook PDF Free Download. Claire is a twenty-something, single mom that grudgingly helps her best friend.

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DOWNLOAD Seduction & Snacks: A Chocolate Covered Love Story PDF Ebook Full Series For download this book click Button below. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this series. I have never laughed so hard at any book before." - Ana's Attic Book Blog "No book has EVER . Seduction and Snacks book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An alternate cover of this ASIN can be found .

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seduction and snacks tara sivec pdf free download

In summary, Claire and Carter met five-years earlier and had a drunken one-night stand that left her pregnant and neither of them knowing how to find the other. Five years later, a chance meeting brings these two together again. This was a funny romance story, and I get why people are recommending it left and right, but it had way too much snarky, naughty, over-the-top 'bumper sticker' type humor for me.

It was just toooo m Argh! It was just toooo much at times. The constant jokes about vaginas, poop, penises, a cursing 4-year old, and getting drunk were hilarious at times but they also became annoyingly repetitive. I loved the romance between Carter and Claire, I thought they had great chemistry. What they had together was oddly normal considering all the craziness surrounding them.

Gavin was a crack up. A 4-year old with a mouth like a sailor, and some hilarious comments about the very adult world that surrounds him. The friends were a great mix for the story, their wackiness made Carter and Claire look like the 'normal' ones.

The author clearly has a great sense of humor, but for me it was just too much. The lack of seriousness at times wore on me.

If this had a better balance between humor and seriousness, I probably would have loved it. The story does have a solid HEA, so I was quite happy how it ended. I know there is a sequel, but I think I will pass on reading it. Buddy Read with Stacia "The Ace". DNF for now. I have to be in the right mood for this humor. Just a little random example: Jul 11, Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 8 comments. View 2 comments. Let me say that I have been saving this book for a rainy day, a day when I needed a funny book to lift me up and put a smile on my face.

When I started this book I was very hopeful.

However, I soon discovered that this book was not for my taste. First of all, you know in comedies how there is a funny person and a straight man? This book had no straight man. Both characters were just off the wall and so similar that if it wasn't for the "he" or "she"s I would have trouble telling their voices apart. Secondly, as a mother of an almost 4 year old, I thought that the character of Gavin was totally off.

Also, 4 year olds don't have the mind set that Gavin had. They don't make those kinds of observations or have those kinds of retorts. It read false to me, so false that I cringed when he was in the book. Lastly, I got really sick and tired of the stupid vagina jokes. Every joke was so one note. It was just the same thing over and over. I found it to be tedious and really not funny. View all 9 comments. Smut Monday Club.

Seduction and Snacks was flipping hilarious and sexy as hell! Have you ever had an instant connection and attraction to someone? You get each other jokes, have the same taste in movies and music, and are enthralled by their stories? Claire decides from this connection that Carter would be the perfect guy to take her V-card and then she can move on and immerse herself in college again. Yes, Carter is dr Seduction and Snacks was flipping hilarious and sexy as hell!

Yes, Carter is dreamy and gorgeous and funny and smart, but she has a plan for her life, and having a boyfriend as a distraction is not part of it. Life has a funny way of laughing at your plans and turning everything upside down. Life laughed at Claire that night, when on her first time of having sex, she becomes pregnant. Carter wakes up from having sex with a dream-girl who smells deliciously of chocolate, only to find that she took off. He tries to track her down without success and so he goes on with his life, never knowing what became of her.

I was a little worried when I first started reading this story because Claire at first comes off a little too cynical but that quickly changes and I ended up loving this snarky girl.

Gavin her four year old son has some of the funniest one-liners, sure to have you snorting and crying with laughter. Carter is just flat-out amazing and his nervous ramblings are completely entertaining and endearing at the same time!

Total mistake….

[PDF] Seduction and Snacks: Chocolate Lovers Full Colection

I got confused. I meant to say I slept with your daughter. One of his eyebrows cocked and I swear I heard him crack his knuckles. View all 15 comments. What can I say about this book? I loved it, and it was hilarious!!! Not only was the story sweet and sexy but this has to be the funniest book I have ever read- I mean lol non stop funny!

Book starts with Claire who never wants kids. She meets the nameless sperm donor Carter whom she looses her virginity to at a frat party. They both search for each other after the fact to no avail. Five years later fate or his job brings Carter to Claire's home town Claire is probably the funniest an What can I say about this book?

Claire is probably the funniest and most likable female characters I have read! Carter was great too, he had his funny moments and was swoon worthy. Her friends Liz and Jim were great, and her dad And what can I say about Gavin? Best kid ever lol So glad there is going to be a second book!!!! I can't wait. You won't be dissapointed! Anyone and everyone that loves to laugh and loves romance.

When I first saw this book around GR, I dismissed it due to its slightly cheesy cover. Then a friend sent me the link to the book and told me to check it out thanks Alyssa! I was excited to read it. I love stories where couples were separated and find each other again. Then I saw the mi Oh. Then I saw the mixed reviews for the book…I still wanted to read it, but I was kind of scared off.

Once I made the decision to get the book, it was unavailable on site which was really annoying. When it finally came back online, it was on sale, so I jumped on it with no read date in mind. I finally decided to start Seduction and Snacks, and I was hooked, and laughing, with the first line…and I kept laughing until the end.

Honestly…there were moments that I laughed so hard, I had years running down my face. They had such colorful vocabularies. And poor Carter! If I had been warned by everyone with this: I probably would have had second, third and fourth thoughts about getting involved with someone! I think what I liked most about the book was the characters. If Claire was a real person, I could totally see myself being friends with her…I actually have a friend like her.

I also loved Carter. He was…amazing, and sweet. I loved seeing how into each other they were. I also loved the beginning of the book. Both Claire and Carter spent time looking for and thinking about the one that got away in college.

Even before they met, I could feel the connection between them. Yes, he went off the rails for a week, freaking out but that was understandable. There was no blame or anger at Claire for the keeping Gavin from him. Carter accepted what happened, and moved on with his family.

This book just seemed real to me.

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It all seemed like something that could happen to me or someone I know. She was a single mother that had to drop out of college due to her pregnancy.

She went home and with the help of her family and friends, made a good life for her son. She worked hard to provide a good life for him. And Gavin…Lol.

He cracked me up! He was a part sponge and part parrot…everything he soaked up came right back out of his mouth. He did say a few things that left me with a on my face even as I was laughing. View all 16 comments. Seduction and Snacks Series: Chocolate Lovers 1 Author: Tara Sivec Release Date: No HEA: I found myself laughing so hard my cheeks hurt and the stupid grin never fell of my face.

It was very nice change after many emotional or dark reads. The story was full of over the top humor, which I enjoyed. There were few sexy scenes that made me melt and nothing more. Funniest book I have ever read! Deserve a shelf of its own, a category in itself. You'll laugh until you cry!!! To say my weekend was bad, is an understatement.

Problems at work and by Saturday afternoon I was slightly depressed And then I picked this book!! Hilarious and witty, addictive and funny, this book grabs you and smacks you down. It's offensive and opinionated, you can't help but agree at some points and at others The first chapter is the Funniest book I have ever read! The first chapter is the most difficult part because being unaware of the characters you can't help but dislike them. No fear though, they quickly warm up to you.

Gavin, the menace. Come on people nobody kids are perfect. My mother was torn between dying and throttling my baby brother when he was 3 years old because when strangers asked him his name he was answering: That's kids for you! Gavin favourite scene: Morning erection Carter, the sensitive.

When he barked at Claire I fell off my chair! All time favourite scene. The chocolate sex live on TV!! I had an asthma attack due to too much laughing.

This book saved my sanity and I'll definitely pick up the next. Can't wait to find out more about Claire, Carter and their merry band of crazy family and friends View all 24 comments. While this book was about Claire and Carter I think Gavin, the four year old stole the show. Every time Gavin talked about his weiner I felt the same emotions as Claire and Carter.

View all 26 comments. I loved, loved, loved, this book! Absolutely hilarious!

Seduction and Snacks

I wanted to hang out with these people, have some drinks, have some laughs, and of course eat some chocolate. Chocolate covered potato chips, never had them, but now I'm craving them. This is a book I finished and then immediately downloadd the next book in the series. I guess this probably isn't for everybody, but if you have a sense of humor, and it's a little crude, you will absolutely love this book!

Seduction and snacks 3 8 Mar 28, Apr 22 20 27 Apr 29, Readers Also Enjoyed. About Tara Sivec. Tara Sivec. Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert.

She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when all three of them become adults and move out. After working in the brokerage business for fourteen years, Tara decided to pick up a pen and write instead of shoving it in her eye out of Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. After working in the brokerage business for fourteen years, Tara decided to pick up a pen and write instead of shoving it in her eye out of boredom.

In her spare time, Tara loves to dream about all of the baking she'll do and naps she'll take when she ever gets spare time. Other books in the series. Chocolate Lovers 3 books. Books by Tara Sivec. Trivia About Seduction and Sna No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Seduction and Snacks. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow.

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Seduction and Snacks

Read Seduction and Snacks: Chocolate Lovers - Tara Sivec [Ready]. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode.Warning 1: Word Wise: So many awkward moments and conversations, yet I still liked all of the characters and overall plot because it was nonstop entertainment and embarrassing situations. With the exception of some grammatical and spelling errors, Sivec has done a great job of giving the reader a lovely finished product.

He cracked me up! I bet every book we read is based on a spark from another, just not published as such. The first edition of this novel was published in June 11th See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. site Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

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