from the Help menu in the program and is included as a PDF file on the. ProCurve HP OpenView Network Node Manager for Windows NT, versions Page 9. HP Network Node Manager 9: Getting Started. If you belong to any one of the above professions, then this book is for you. It's also for professionals who describe. HP Network Node Manager i Software Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Poller. September .. 9. When specifying the expression, you want to begin by inserting all of the operands. The alarm triggers with just one sample above the threshold.

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HP Network Node Manager 9: Getting Started. Manage yournetwork effectively with NNMi. Marius Vilemaitis r. J enterprise. PUBLISHING. BIRMINGHAM -. P U B L I S H I N G professional expertise distilled HP Network Node Manager 9: Getting Started Marius Vilemaitis Chapter No.1 "Before we Manage with NNMi". Ebook Pdf Hp Network Node Manager 9 Getting Started Vilemaitis Marius contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Hp.

For the retail chain company, NNMi will only be a part of the management tools used, as the network is only one media, and it's a small piece of a list of services which are involved in doing business. The network is only a part in the whole IT infrastructure chain.

Server and application monitoring are as important as the network, or any other part of IT. One company will demand a long list of advanced feature monitoring, while the other will demand smooth integration with other monitoring tools. As you see, both of them can use NNMi as a network management tool. A fool with a tool is still a fool -author unknown This old adage tells everything about what a management tool can do for us.

NNMi can make life easier, but it can't do so without our carefully planned and prepared effort. Network Node Manager is a tool which can help us to keep an eye on our network, find issues, recognize outages related to network, and help us improve our network availability and performance.

Even so, it's a tool. This book is designed in order to show you how to use NNMi, to share best practices, and to demonstrate use cases. Network Node Manager the name itself denotes that this tool is dedicated to managing networks. But let's make it clear and find out what exactly network and manage mean. Listed here are examples of unrealistic expectations that people can have of NNMi: A network administrator installs NNMi and expects that his job is taken care of, and that he can lie on a chair and wait for another paystub.

The manager that has approved the download of NNMi expects NNMi to instantly resolve all issues relating the network without any human effort.

The answer is, each tool is positioned for one specific purpose, and there is no tool for everything so far. Tool positioning is made by an activity, which tool makes and the infrastructure type it is designed for. For such positioning, a very good example is a matrix of functionality and infrastructure coverage, where matrix columns define the infrastructure's area and rows define functionality.

In most cases, infrastructure can be divided into the following parts: Peripheral devices UPS, temperature and humidity sensors, door switches, and fluid detectors Network devices routers and switches Firewalls and other security device servers Hardware and OS Applications Oracle, SQL, Web or Mail Server, CRM, ERP tools, and so on Service e-shop, Stock Exchange trade platform, e-magazine, and such others Each part of the infrastructure can be divided into the following management areas by activity: Configuration management Fault and problem management Performance and capacity management Security management Knowledge management Service management According to this tool positioning philosophy, NNMi can be positioned as a fault and performance management tool.

NNMi 8. As NNMi recognizes discovered devices, it can show what the impact for a network would be if one of the devices goes down, the interface gets disconnected, or the performance parameters like latency exceed set limits threshold. Network state is mapped by NNMi using two types of information sources: Messages sent from managed devices SNMP traps Regular polls that check for device state or configuration changes [ 10 ] 10 Chapter 1 NNMi can monitor performance parameters such as interface utilization, interface errors, CPU load, or almost any other performance information that is provided by device SNMP agent.

NNMi can generate a message to an incident browser if some performance parameters exceed expected limits thresholds , or if a fault occurs in a managed device. At the same time, NNMi can't be treated as a capacity management tool. NNMi 9. But NNMi standalone tool cannot have following features: Flexible data storage Performance data advanced analysis [ 11 ] 11 Before we Manage with NNMi NNMi also provides network inventory detailed data about devices that were either loaded during discovery or input manually by an NNMi operator as a custom attribute.

Discovered device reports, as well as device configuration reports such as interface list, configured VLANs, serial numbers, or contact information, can be presented. NNMi cannot perform network device configuration backup or restore functions. Due to this, workstations or servers, as well as any other devices with SNMP capability or agents designed to work with NNMi, can be used with the product.

NNMi cannot be called a server management tool, as it cannot monitor server-specific hardware or software parameters of server operating systems software or hardware. Even if NNMi cannot do much in terms of workstation or server monitoring, there are cases when server monitoring by NNMi may be valuable. Some servers or workstations must be permanently on, and they are not monitored or managed by any other tool. In such a case, nodes can be added into NNMi for state monitoring.

NMMi should be selected as a monitoring tool for Server or Workstation monitoring exclusively.

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Thus, we can expect NNMi to help us solve network outage issues, monitor paths, identify root cause, and monitor and report some performance issues. Choosing the right edition NNMi is sold in two editions: Starter Advanced This allows you to choose what best suits your particular infrastructure management needs. Less complex networks do not require as many features as management tools do, such as complex networks with advanced technologies and solutions.

In order to make a decision regarding which version you should utilize, you should answer the following questions: Do you need to monitor trunks and port aggregations? Do you need to monitor IPv6? Also, don't forget that you can upgrade your starter edition to an advanced edition anytime as a later date.

Technically, it's about entering a new license key into the software. It may be a more complicated challenge to get approval from management spending on licenses later on. This should also be taken into account when you plan which version to acquire. So, if you are satisfied with the starter edition features for now, but think that you may need the advanced features in the future, I would recommend that you begin with the starter edition for now and upgrade later on.

NNMi has a pretty long list of features, especially when we consider the information it provides in regards to network topology and all other information related to it. Every network is unique in terms of technologies it uses and purposes it is designed to. For example, carrying voice over IP, where voice converges with IP networks. MPLS is another unique technology, which in some terms can be treated as a separate science and needs additional management approach.

Multicast is another story, with its own features and headaches from an operations perspective. All these technologies and features are not rocket science, but it is really an additional effort to be developed as a management tool.

Most of NNMi users have hardly any of these technologies, so why should they pay for features they never use? Also, ispi provides some information back to NNMi, that is, additional features or technology configuration, configuration changes, performance parameters, or alarms. This ispi provides additional troubleshooting and diagnostics tools for network engineers. If so, which one of these to choose? Will it do what I expect? Let's take a look at the major SPIs.

Legacy ispi performance was collecting performance metrics based on SNMP queries on managed nodes. Later on, HP introduced the ability to collect data from flows, as flow data has a different list of features than performance data collected by SNMP. These ispis are: ispi Performance for Metrics: Legacy ispi performance with few improved features.

Let's take a look at both in detail. Default NNMi can't handle it. Now, we can say that NNMi and ispi Performance both together cover fault and performance monitoring areas. The network performance data adds more functionality for network management. It improves your network management by: Allowing operators to retrieve more data during investigations Enriching your monitoring by providing alerts based on performance data Providing information to network planners and analysts, where they can see long-term statistics, which makes future planning more accurate ispi Performance collects, stores, arrays data, and presents it in drill-down reports.

Using data mining in reports, we can drill down until we reach the node or interface, which causes issues. Users have relative flexibility in creating their own reports, as custom SQL queries can be created on reports by user-specific needs, such as a report with custom time period, or metrics, which are monitored. Reports running after they are selected and take up to 15 to 20 seconds. To eliminate this query at runtime, you can schedule the report to run in advance, as the scheduled report is displayed immediately.

All monitored metrics can trigger threshold alarms, so operators can be notified before real impact occurs. Performance-based alarms also reflect the status of the nodes, which makes the map status more accurate for monitoring. Previous NNM versions 7. Earlier NNM versions used to cause a lot of confusion when performance-based alarms indicated possible outages or upcoming service impacts, and map icons remained in a normal green state.

Consider, if you are a service provider and only a small part of your managed nodes has a requirement to be monitored features, which are supported by ispi performance for metrics. downloading licenses for all the nodes would be a waste of money. Another wasteful example would be, if your NNMi, except routers and switches, also monitors a Users have relative flexibility in creating their own reports, large number of workstations or servers which don't need to be covered by ispi Performance for Metrics.

As HP changes licensing policy on a regular basis, please contact your HP representative to check the most current licensing policy, as it may be changed by the time the book is read. Please refer to openview. NNMi can be configured to poll vendor proprietary MIBs, issue a threshold incident, set status on the map to alert operations, report on values and with NNMi ispi performance for metrics.

Although the answer is yes, ispi queries extra information, but on the other hand, it wouldn't load a network as much as it would separate a tool from a third party vendor, because ispi uses the same SNMP process to collect performance and status information.

It means that it eliminates extra polling, as the data is queried and responded using same packet bulks. It can report about top sources or destinations, and so on. The following flow versions and vendors are supported: NetFlow: version 5, version 9 S-Flow: version 5 ispi Performance for Traffic is very useful for troubleshooting network issues, such as: What kind of traffic utilizes my bandwidth most or fills it up?

What sources or targets generate most traffic? These issues are a headache not only for operators, but for network or service analysts and planners as well. So, instead of constant questions and unclear situations, ispi Performance for Traffic gives a clear answer, with evidence, that it is time to change traffic class allocation limits. This can be seen in the following diagrams: [ 18 ] 18 Chapter 1 This ispi can be used in conjunction with ispi Performance for Metrics, which provides navigation between Metric and Traffic data.

Traffic generates performance reports from the IP flow records as follows: Aggregates the IP flow record. Enriches the IP flow records by providing the ability to add or update the available fields in the flow records.

For example, DNS name resolution and application mapping. Flow data is collected using flow collectors, which can be designed as two tier collectors: local and master.

The following figure represents the two-tier, hierarchical flow collection and processing: Leaf collectors: They are responsible for flow filtering, application mapping, DNS name resolution, and summary data feed to master collector.

Master collector: This collector is responsible for collecting and correlating all summary records as central point from all leaf-level collectors. Common NNMi ispi Performance Reporting Server: This server is responsible for building traffic analysis reports, which are done on the same server as ispi Performance for Metrics. Can this ispi be used as a replacement to OVPI? General answer is no. However, there may be some cases when ispi Performance for Traffic may cover the required features.

The following table provides a general comparison between ispi and OVPI: ispi Performance for Traffic Tightly integrated with NNMi Short to medium term data is stored No alarms can be triggered Focused on flow collection Tool, very handy for operations Supports Net Flow v5, v9 and sflow v5 Open View Performance Insight May be integrated into NNMi as well as can be separate product Long-term data is stored Alarms can be triggered based on threshold settings Focused on long term trending, forecasting and capacity planning Tool for operations, analysis, planning and reporting to management Supports Net Flow v5 and sflow v5, with IUM collector [ 20 ] 20 ispi Network Engineering toolset When an issue on the network occurs, the operator needs to troubleshoot the issue and often a sequence of additional action is required, such as checking the current status of interface, getting node configuration, evaluating outage impact, or collecting information about end nodes connected to switch.

Chapter 1 Another headache for system administrators and operators is constant and meaningless SNMP traps, which floods the message browser and cause event storms. This can be caused by some improperly configured settings on group of nodes, or constant and frequent event generation on one node. All these issues are solved by ispi NET. It is a set of tools, which helps in troubleshooting network issues. In general, there are three major features in this ispi: Diagnostics Troubleshooting tools, attached switch port troubleshooting Trap analytics ispi diagnostics ispi diagnostics helps to collect additional configuration data from network devices, such as: Current configuration for Cisco router, Cisco switch, or Nortel switch Diagnostic checks on a specified interface on Cisco router Gather routing information To configure this automatic diagnostics gathering, you need to complete following steps in SNMP Trap Configuration, Remote NNMi 6.

That is, Cisco configuration can run only on Cisco devices. Incident's lifecycle state must match state which was configured. That is, if lifecycle state is closed, then diagnostics will run only when incident's state would be closed. Using this data collection method, the troubleshooting tool provides the following information: Which switch port the node is connected to. All nodes attached to switch.

This functionality is very useful for troubleshooting LAN issues. Trap analytics By default, NNMi measures the rate of incoming traps incoming trap rate for each device and rate of each incoming trap for each trap OID. If the rate of incoming traps exceeds the defined threshold, NNMi blocks such traps until the rate decreases below the minimum threshold limit. Thresholds can be configured by the administrator using nnmtrapsconfig.

SNMP trap analytics allows you to get reports based on this trap information, by the following criteria: Amount of traps within a specific time period Trap amount for specified node Trap amount to a specific trap identifier OID All data is logged to trapanalytics.

This file provides following data for specific time intervals: Traps per second TOP 10 trap generator sources TOP 10 generated traps [ 22 ] 22 Chapter 1 This data is useful in making analysis of SNMP traps, which allows us to optimize messages from your managed network. Many administrators are complaining that they receive too many messages.

In many cases, administrators say they have no idea where to start.

So, even if the situation looks hopeless, there is a small and easy way to make the step between a messy and shining browser. It includes features, which are VoIP specific: voice gateway, calls, and path control. Using plain NNMi, you wouldn't recognize such behavior and you would have green map with no incidents regarding this issue, while your IPT users are struggling and complaining about poor quality.

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HP Network Node Manager 9: Getting Started

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HP Network Management Center

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If you have any issues launching your NNMi server, the first thing that should be checked after you checked whether all services are up and running is if you have antivirus running.

All these issues are solved by ispi NET. The treatment and management of contaminated groundwater with the use of various suction services. This ispi provides additional troubleshooting and diagnostics tools for network engineers. If going download hp network node manager 9: getting started at the day, are also be a wild stars5 for your right point.

It explains how to navigate the NNMi console, going through menu items, different tabs, and views. NNMi 9.

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