From the desk of Jorge Cruise. Dear Friend,. I'm glad you are here! You are taking a step forward in bettering your health and for that, you should be very proud!. From the desk of Jorge Cruise. Dear Friends,. I am so happy to be sharing with you my guide on How to Lose 43 lbs. in 8 Weeks! In case you missed it, I recently . Print Friendly and PDF. This is taken from Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure Fast Track book. You can compare what I eat to what is in this Day.

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PDF DOWNLOAD The Count Only Sugar Calories and Lose Up to 18 America s favorite diet and fitness expert, Jorge Cruise, has been. All Rights Reserved., Inc. | HappyHormonesSlimBelly. com | Page 1 happy hormones slim bellyTM. MENU. Fix a broken metabolism with. or from the Costco Connection—her story is amazing—she . my clients at— some everyday examples on how you can start .

Jorge Cruise q Pages: HarperCollins and Blackstone Audio q Language: English q ISBN America s favoritediet and fitness expert, Jorge Cruise, has beenworking to uncover the latest advances in dietaryscience, and now the newest science confirmsthat sugar calories are the only calories you llneed to keep track of on this simple, fast, andguilt-free weight-loss plan.

Enjoy unlimitedamounts of delicious and healthy no-countcalories and still eat the foods you love. Learnthe right foods to eat without ever feeling hungryon a plan that is so easy to incorporate andmaintain that you can finally put an end to thevicious cycle of dieting. Read more. Quick Upload. Featured Examples. Creation Tutorial.

Video Tutorial. Quick Upload Explore. Much lower weight loss this week. I exercised more and lost less weight! A woman: What kind of red wine is suggested for The Diet. There are all kinds of red wine.

Zero 2 under You have to add together the Sugar Calories of everything you eat. Sorry a little confused. I understand that you take the total carbs and X it by 4, but then do you add the sugar count to it too on top of that?

Also confused because the old plan you could have a english muffin and be in range and with this plan a english muffin counts as your whole day of total. English muffin 29g of total carbs and 8g of sugar?? Jorge explains the differences between the diets at https: I am trying to figure out how I would do it with working out.

I have my workout routine in the AM 2 hours before work. And with this start off morning with a handful of nuts before the gym? It almost fell off.

The 100 by Jorge Cruise (2013): What to eat and foods to avoid

Been pretty much counting carbs and sugars for two years, exercising somewhat regularly and have kept it all off. Feel great, am never hungry, never sick and my cholesterol went down.

Good luck to all that do it. I never believed in the low fat diet, it only made me fat. That is great! Was anyone else specifically females hesitant to try this out because afraid it would make you gain more weight? My goal is to lose 41 lbs. I have only been able to lose about in three weeks, I work out every morning and thought I was eating healthy.

But never watched my food in the way that this books teaches you to do. Hoping this will do the trick! My goal is to lose 72 lbs. That is so great to hear! I decided to go for it and I cant be happier! I have hit day 14 and lost a total of 6 lbs. American cheese and Cheddar cheese are both listed as freebies, so you should be able to substitute them for each other if you want. Hi Donna, The book lists only red wine as a treat.

I do not understand why you have to do the math with the sugar carbs to equal why not just say you can have 25 carbs. Is that not the same. I would like to know if you must follow the menues in there exact order or can I skip around.

I only did the wine the first week as I am not a drinker. Followed all instructions, did not cheat. Joined boot camp and Zumba. Make sure I take a minimum of 10, steps everyday. Either by walking or dancing. Well, to date after 4 weeks I have lost on his program 8 pounds. Same thing eating sensibly and exercising could have done. I am chalking this one up to yet another one that failed to deliver on weight loss. I must add however that I am diabetic and my blood sugars have been the best they have been in years.

Are nut butter peanut or almond that are simply ground nuts with no added ingredients counted as freebies or do the carbs still need to be counted towards the sugar calories per day?

The book lists almond butter as 27 sugar calories for 2 tablespoons, and peanut butter as 25 sugar calories for 2 tablespoons, which surprised me. I looked at the nutrition database and the numbers looked about the same as this for the nut butters; calculating the same weight of nuts gave 7 grams of carbs for almonds about 27 sugar calories and a little higher for peanuts.

I have a question regarding the amount of Almond Flour in the cake recipe found in the free menu recipes link. It is listed as 1.

It looks yummy Thanks. Oz website: Can someone please explain this to me? The ways of diets can be mysterious. Thanks Penny. I was told by my doctor in order for me to lose weight I would have to eat between and calories a day.

How do I lose the maximum amount of weight mentioned in the book? As you have a very specific set of conditions, it would probably be a good idea for you to work with a Registered Dietitian to tailor your diet to your personal needs. Could you tell me about carrots in diet? I love carrot juice. How should I count sugar calories?

Should I at all? I understand the whole thing but still would like to know the calorie count for some things to be sure my calories OUT exercise and calories in will help me to control my weight loss. Does anyone know the calorie count for the Almond Flour bread that he boasts which is delish but I dont want to over eat in calories , and the portion size per slice?? You do not count the sugar content on a label of a food and add it to the sugar calories.

Am I correct on this?????? I really need to know so I do not go over the sugar calories allowed per day. Thank You! I lost 20 lbs since last year on the diet and the amazing thing is that I have kept all of it off except 2 lbs. My question is: What is the difference between white corn and yellow corn. I see that white corn is on the 0 sugar calories list but yellow corn is not. Can you explain? Only look at the total carbs number, not the sugars number.

Find the Total Carbohydrates number, and multiply it by 4 to find the number of sugar calories for the portion size listed.


On the label there is carbs listed but no sugars under the carbs. Popcorn contains carbs, which should be counted on this diet as they become Sugar Calories when the carbs convert to sugars in your digestive system. Ignore the sugars on any label — look at Total Carbohydrates and multiply by 4 to get the Sugar Calories.

Jorge lists carbs in order of which to prioritize, and popcorn is listed as a snack or treat, a lower priority less good for you than beans and legumes, starchy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, or dairy products.

I made the chocolate cake that is made with Almond flour and Truvia baking blend. When I looked at the carbs they are the exact same as sugar. But the truvia is calorie free. Please help me. I have diabetes and need to go on a diet to loose weight. I am in dire straight with my life and I am raising two more grandchildren. I have raised two of the four. One is in the Navy and she signed up for 4 more years.

The next is graduation this year on 6 June, He is going into the Marines I have tow more of their siblings. They need Nana, and I need help. Could someone be a mentor for me. I pray that an angel will see this and guide me through. I weigh lbs. I lost a son by murder and have had many breakdowns. I had a granddaughter who almost lost her life. She was on a jet ski and the kid who was driving lost control, he jumped clear and she went into a pier about 50 miles an hour.

Lost a leg, broke her pelvic, broke her arm in many places, broke ribs, but you know God was with her. Thanks God Speed Linda Jones. Maybe a little late to the game but I came across this in the library and decided to give it try. Best thing to encounter in awhile.

Started June 1 and decided to give it 30 days. My energy is the greatest gift to date. Onward ho. How can sunflower seeds be on the freebie list if they have carbs? Same with the cheese sticks? Thanks Janeen. There are a number of foods on the freebies list that contain a small amount of carbs — including many of the vegetables. And it all equals 0 sugar calories but on pg it says Green beans have 32 sugar calories per cup. So which is it???? That ties in with the USDA nutrient database. Was doing a little research and saw that the author had written another diet book about limiting food to sugar calories.

Not sure which one would be better to try. I may not be understanding the calculation of carbs to sugar calories but it looks very carb-limiting to me. If my slice of bread has 20 grams of carbs, in my calculations that would be 80 sugar calories. So, that means I only get 20 more sugar calories for the day??

Could not do that! Thanks for helping me understand this diet and which to choose. Hi Marcia, Jorge says that The Belly Fat Cure is for basic weight loss, allowing for more carbohydrates, but still reducing belly fat and getting your healthy.

The is for rapid weight loss and limits your Sugar Calories to per day all week. See https: Thanks all for your information. I have just finished the book and have a question.

I get a lot of my protein through peanut butter. Peanuts are on the freebies list yet peanut butter is not. The label states that a serving, 2Tbsp, has total of 6 carbs, 1 sugar s listed on the label. I am confused why this would need to be counted. I am aware most peanut butters have sugar added but this one does not have added anything except salt. Please give your opinion, thanks again. The book says that 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is 25 sugar calories p.

Or it could be that peanuts are a little more difficult to overeat than peanut butter. And you could also consider eating whole peanuts instead of peanut butter. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for protein bars that would be best for the diet? Some protein bars list their total carbohydrates between grams, but then also say their net carbs are only grams. Is it okay to just count the net grams of carbohydrates towards the sugar calorie count?

Some bars I am researching are the quest bars, and the low carb detour bars. Jorge asks you to count all the carbs, not just the net carbs — so the protein bars you mention are grams of carbs or sugar calories or more each, which would mean having only part of the bar or having no other carbs.

Could you eat something else instead of protein bars, say a handful of nuts? Hi…my question is about yogart. Thank you. A few questions, as it seems strange that the same food should have double the carbs in a different country — — What is the serving size? If the serving size for the yogurt you find is larger, the two yogurts could have the same nutrition per teaspoon.

The lower the fat, the higher the sugars will be. Jorge appears to prefer full-fat milk products, so see if you can find a full-fat version that has lower carbs. I have just read the book and plan on starting the 4 week plan that Jorge provided.

Please explain. If I add more fiber — will I still lose? There are sometimes inconsistencies in diet books. Can I leave this out and still lose? I need to lose about 35 pds. What do I do leaving out salt , sugar and carbs. Can I follow this diet successfully and still bring my numbers down??

Thank u! Good luck! So I leave our bacon or whatever and still lose well. It do I have to substitute something for the bacon? I am a sort of vegetarian eat only egss and i really want to follow this diet infact i already started: Jorge says you can have vegetarian meats, e. See if you can get enough protein without depending heavily on grains and legumes as their sugar calories add up.

If not, this diet may not be suitable for you. Almond flour is listed as a freebie in the book. A quick question on flours.

I saw Arrowroot and Cashew flours in a couple of recipes online. Would these 2 flours be considered the same as Almond flour or would I need to count the sugar calories on them? What flours would be in the same category as Almond flour? Also, I made his almond bread and it was a little dry. If I add grated zucchini to the mix, do you think that would be ok? Other nut flours could also be assumed to be freebies, e.

Legume flours e. What if your following the Atkins diet which is high in calories and fat, but low in carbs?? So I added atkins to get the calories I need, but worried about the high fat content. I did the diet for 7 days so far and lost 8 lbs.

Will the Atkins diet work as long as I keep my carbs below a day?? Are tin tomatoes considered freebies if tomatoes are? Am hoping to begin this tomorrow to break my severe sugar addiction that has got ridiculously out of control these past 9 months and resulted in a gain of 12 lbs even though are exercise ALOT!

Good luck breaking your sugar addiction! But you would need to follow the portion sizes for fat — 1 ounce or bottle cap size. That means that 3 ounces would be a portion. Those are the sweeteners used in most diet sodas. These are the sweeteners he says you can have: I have been following the diet for 2 weeks now.

As I enter the third week I have two questions. I noticed the FAGE total greek yogurt has 8g of carbs but it is a freebie. Is that correct? I also saw on the menu for week 3 that cottage cheese can be a snack but when I look at the nutritional label It has 8g of carbs as well. Jorge lists the sugar calories for plain fat-free yogurt, but says that greek yogurt which is regular yogurt that has been strained to remove some of the whey is a freebie.

Cottage cheese is similar in that it contains some carbs in the form of lactose. This really works. I never had a problem with weight until 3 years ago when I started menopause.

I always followed what is considered a healthy diet and stayed active, yet I kept gaining weight. I kept adjusting my diet and kept increasing exercise.

I got to cal and 4 hours of exercise a day and still put on 6lbs last year. Out of desperation I decided to see a naturopathic doctor. She suggested this diet. I was skeptical, how could giving up an apple, few figs and a tablespoon of honey with my coffee a day make a difference? The first week, especially third and fifth days were very difficult, but loosing 3lbs at the end of it made it all worth it.

Today, after 12 days I lost 8lbs. I feel wonderful. No sugar cravings. Coffee with Stevia tastes as great. And I can eat bread.

My thyroid feels really good too. She also stated that should be on thyroid hormones asap. When I refused, she followed up with letters and phone calls. What a blessing. I have been looking for the book in book stores around me hear in South Affrica, how much will it cost me to get it and where please.

I found a site where you could either pay I find it so easy to have menus and shopping list done for me. Is this a possibility? Is it alright to add pure vanilla to the skinny muffin?

Is that adding a lot of sugar calories there is nothing on my vanilla bottle stating ingredients. Can you look up your brand of vanilla online to see what the ingredients are? I lost 11 pounds the first week. I eat what it tells me for each day. Try starting a food and drink diary to track exactly what you eat, to see if anything else sneaks in there — for example a coffee with sugar or milk added. I assume they are a free food? Atkins and paleo also ranks onions and carrots as freebies. Help me to understand.

By only counting sugar carbs a day will I loose weight or maintain my weight? This is gonna be a weird question. I love the flavor of different types of potato chips. I like to lick the flavor off the chips and throw the chip away.

Would this still be considered eating carbs? Check the ingredients list. It may be difficult to measure, though, because the nutrition data with the carb count will be for the whole chip, not just the flavoring.

High fructose corn syrup HFCS is high on the list of ingredients for cool whip, with corn syrup just behind it. Those are definitely not freebies! This is my 4th week of the I have lost 10 pounds. I have a question, you recommend grams of fiber a day. According to your book that lists most foods fiber, sugar, and carb amounts, most of the high fiber foods have very high sugar calorie counts. It seems like it would be very hard to get all the fiber you need while staying under the sugar calories.

How do you get that much fiber? Also, i found your diet plan easy to follow. The food was good although not much of it for some meals , sometimes was still hungry. I liked that all i had to do was follow the planned meals.

Loved the convenient shopping list for each week. I was having trouble losing weight before. Was on a calorie a day diet for 6 weeks and only lost about pounds. Many vegetables have a lot of fiber, and nuts do as well.

See the chart on this page for examples: Penny, Just wanted to thank you for reviewing all of these diets and answering so many questions despite so many people thinking you wrote the actual book. I have used your website before and I truly appreciate your help! Anyone experience headaches and dizziness? I followed the plan for 6 days and after day 3 started getting really bad headaches.

I did some reading about low carb dietsand the headaches were one of the side effects. I did lose 6 lbs though. Did you previously eat sugar and processed foods? I have been following the diet for a short time now. So far, so good. However, I have a question. There are a few items I do not like and was wondering, I see that the food changes per week. Would it be bad to eat the foods I like for the same meals over and over again.

Like scrambled eggs with pepper for breakfast all the time and not switch to the next weeks egg item. You might want to consider having a bit of variety, maybe options that you cycle through. I have been on the diet for 10 weeks and have lost 28 pounds. My goal was to loose My blood work has come back very good and my doctor is happy.

I have found that I am not getting enough fiber and consequently have irregular bowel movements, sometimes three or four days in between. Is this a common side effect of the diet? Wow, congratulations on your successes! Vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, contain a lot of fiber and most are freebies — eat more veggies and salads to help avoid constipation. How many sugar calories are in one or two packages of stevia? I used two packets in my coffee this morning.

Truvia is made from erythritol, stevia extract, and natural flavorings. Stevia and erythritol are permitted sweeteners on this diet, but they should be counted — so Truvia should be counted. In the book almond flour is listed on the free list. Can you confirm please if the coconut four is also considered as a free item as well when doing The ? It probably contains some kind of carbs or sugars, and unless all the ingredients are freebies you should count the sugar calories.

Hi Penny, I was lbs, and I lost 3 pounds when I started the sugar calorie diet, but seemed to have stopped losing. I follow all the portions to the T. My meals are basically meat and vegetables with tbsp of fat approx. Are snacks important?

Please shed some light. Thanks for your time. The menu plan pp. Have a look at the snacks and see if any of them appeal to you for you to add in and see if the weight loss kicks off again. I started ur plan after catching an episode of Dr. I got ur book read it through the chapter 9… Found that it has made more sence then all the YoYo diet information I read over the year I have battled with weight and depression.. I have found this things go hand in hand. I started looking into paleo after meeting a nurse in the hospital for stress.

She started my journey, but had to do my research 1st. The one that I found that did the most was limitless They tapped into the mental and emotional part of why I eat… After finding doing the mental work I was ready for the food.

But at that time I was still in school and working full time way to many excuse to start, but after graduation in May. I had run out and it was time to commit to my health. Being a type 2 diabetic and having thyroid issue weight loss has been a struggle for many years. July 5 I took a big step at changing my life for the better. As of today I went from to I am on to week 2 with a smile. Will come back at the and give an update. Oh, I am also following the plan as prescribed.. The food is great..

And still I also add a little more on veggies if hunger..

PDF DOWNLOAD The 100 Count Only Sugar Calories and Lose Up to 18 Lbs in 2 Weeks DOWNLOAD ONLINE

Thanks for showing me the way. You list peanuts in the freebies list ,in the book peanuts are not on the freebe list , can you let me know what is correct. Has anyone on this blog lost weight? I have friends on calorie per hour, with a coach and their food and they have lost 10 pounds per month! It is expensive ao I am trying to do it on my own. So I would like to know…has reading this book worked foe you? Not a freebie, sorry! You should approach whatever company sold you the subscription in order to stop the subscription.

I have been doing this diet and have not lost weight. In fact I am constipated and scared to take any laxatives for fear it has sugar. What kind of laxative can I use to clean myself out and start over. Are you eating as many vegetables as Jorge recommends, half your plate or more at every meal and snack?

Also try drinking plenty of water, as that can help clear you out. I have Whole Wheat Tortillas with 13 total carbs, 3 net carbs and zero sugar. Does anyone have an answer to that?

Ignore what it says about grams of sugar on the label. Hi, can anyone tell me if coffee with half n half is limited. On the 4 weeks of meals, it is only listed for breakfast. I usually have several cups per day, but would like to know what the rule is here.

I have did this Diet and it works lost 18 pounds…need to lose more. Have been on the for less than a week and have lost 6. Congratulations on your weight loss so far!

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Next post: Produce, non-GMO, traceability, saturated fat recommendations — news to June 16, Previous post: What to eat and foods to avoid. From site. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. The by Jorge Cruise What to eat and foods to avoid by Penny Hammond on June 13, Reply Link.

Penny Hammond June 26, , Cindy June 28, , 1: Penny Hammond July 1, , Cindy July 4, , 8: Lily May 19, , 3: Does anyone know where to download Stevia tropical singles?

Having no luck anywhere. Penny Hammond June 29, , Mia March 23, , 5: Penny Hammond March 23, , 7: Maggie March 27, , 3: Mia and Penny or anyone I would also like to know where you found the above information in the book Mia. Thanks so much! Penny Hammond April 2, , 7: Nicole July 10, , 9: Hi I am going to start the fast tract but am allergic to fish?

What do I substitute. Penny Hammond July 10, , 6: Penny Hammond July 3, , 8: Yolanda Robles July 4, , 1: Where do black olives go? Are they a freebie? Penny Hammond July 4, , 1: Penny Hammond July 16, , 9: Penny Hammond July 16, , 7: Carole July 19, , Penny Hammond July 19, , 3: Shelby July 22, , 4: Penny Hammond July 22, , 7: Koreen July 23, , 1: Loving the diet!

Is sauerkraut and dogs an ok lunch? Penny Hammond July 23, , 5: Maxine Korntved July 25, , 6: Penny Hammond July 26, , 9: Liz July 31, , 2: Penny Hammond July 31, , 3: Liz August 2, , 2: Penny Hammond August 2, , 3: Megan August 8, , 4: Penny Hammond August 9, , 4: Lynette August 8, , 7: Marisa August 11, , 1: Penny Hammond August 11, , 1: Silv August 13, , 3: Wondering about Einkorn Wheat…which is a totally different wheat…an ancient wheat.

Penny Hammond August 13, , 7: Caroline August 14, , 2: Penny Hammond August 14, , 9: Suzanne May 8, , 8: Penny Hammond May 8, , 8: Belinda Bliss August 14, , Penny Hammond August 14, , Linda Bernard August 21, , 6: Penny Hammond August 22, , Sandy August 23, , 8: Penny Hammond August 23, , Is there any problem in using truvia rather than stevia?

Silvana August 24, , I notice that you can have an whole meal sandwich on this diet. Penny Hammond August 25, , Kaye August 25, , Penny Hammond August 26, , 8: Diana August 26, , 5: Mary January 4, , Penny Hammond January 4, , 3: Helen August 31, , 3: Etana September 8, , 3: Crystal September 11, , 1: Penny Hammond September 11, , 1: Kate September 11, , 4: Penny Hammond September 11, , 6: Kate September 11, , 7: How do you count how many sugar carbs are in a product by the label?

Penny Hammond September 15, , 9: Sandy Novak September 16, , 7: What is the difference between the 4 week diet plan and the 12 week diet plan? Penny Hammond September 16, , 8: Angie October 5, , I have type 2 diabetes.

So I guess this would lower my A1C, but how about cholesterol. Penny Hammond October 6, , 8: Olga Hobbs October 5, , 9: The sugarcalories: Penny Hammond October 7, , 2: Pam October 7, , 3: Penny Hammond October 7, , 7: Jody October 7, , 5: Is spaghetti squash considered a freebie? Karen October 9, , 4: Penny Hammond October 9, , 7: Karen October 10, , 1: Denise Forman October 11, , 2: Ann Lindamood October 15, , Penny Hammond October 16, , 7: Terry October 16, , 6: Penny Hammond October 16, , 8: Angie chapman October 23, , Penny Hammond October 24, , 7: Victoria October 24, , 8: Penny Hammond October 24, , Marty October 25, , 2: Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Penny Hammond October 26, , 8: Judy Greene October 30, , Penny Hammond October 30, , 2: Lucie November 5, , 2: Penny Hammond November 5, , 2: Hi Lucie, There are lots of different opinions about whether you need to eat carbs at all and if so how much. Penny Hammond November 5, , 3: Lucie November 5, , 6: Penny Hammond November 5, , 7: The Plus has 3 times as many sugar calories as the regular diet. There are menus and meal planners in the book to help you decide what to eat. Barbie November 6, , 1: Penny Hammond November 6, , 1: Barbie November 7, , Chuck November 7, , 7: Penny Hammond November 7, , 7: Marlene November 8, , 6: Penny Hammond November 8, , 6: Bloating and frequent urination might be related to the diet, or completely unrelated.

Lynda Cambern November 26, , 4: Penny Hammond November 27, , 8:Penny Hammond July 3, , 8: The book says that 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is 25 sugar calories p. Please shed some light.

Reply Link Shelby July 22, , pm I totally understand the diet and believe the concept is sound. A serving of unsweetened dark cocoa power is free that is 1 tablespoon according to the package. The food was good although not much of it for some meals , sometimes was still hungry.

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