Back To a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry 1st Edition. This first-ever published collection of writings by Dr. Ibrahim Karim reflects the holistic essence of his worldview. Dr Karim is the founder of the Science of BioGeometry in the early s. If searched for a book Back To a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry by Ibrahim Karim in pdf format, then you have come on to loyal site. We furnish the complete . Back to a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry1 is an appropriate title given by Dr. Ibrahim. Karim to describe his book on BioGeometry. BioGeometry is a science.

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Results 1 - 13 of 13 Back To a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry by Ibrahim Karim and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The future of humanity is often viewed as a topic for idle speculation. .. one state and remain in that one state forever, or else cycle back through states . potentially recoverable setback: a giant massacre for man, a small misstep for mankind. Advances in Mechanics and Outlook for Future Mankind Progress. Copyright © .. turning back to look at our epoch, will be confused while trying to

Sacred locations in the sky Khufu Pyramid shaft emanating BG3 Pyramid shafts linked to sacred places in the sky Sample of Ancient Egyptians scepters Sacred lake in Karnak Geometrical shape of the womb Ancient Egyptian plane model Church of the holy family in Barcelona The God Spot in the brain Sacred energy hand position The Big Bang Beginning of duality Simplified model of atom Water molecule Samples of Interface in architecture Mosque with Double Interface The power of boundary Human open energy system Multidimensional wave planes Jung: categorization of focal shifts of perception Migrating flock of birds The use of brain throughout history Perspective Cave paintings from Altamira Weighing of the heart Heart IB in Hieroglyphic The cobra Negative Green position Uraeus on forehead Horus, Osiris and Isis Akhenaton and Nefertiti with sun symbol of Aton The Ouadj used as a pendulum Female NTR holding a Ouadj scepter The stylized Archetypal statue of the Pharaoh Wall reliefs BG Archetypal Grid pendant Sekhmet Dowsing at the Moses Wells Perception focus in brain hemispheres The monochord Effect of BioGeometry Cube on water The Tetractys BG formed numbers They are there to complement the topics of the book.

He was the pioneer of modern architecture in the Middle East, as well as a famous scholar of Egyptology, spending the last thirty years of his life writing about the culture behind the greatness of Ancient Egypt.

My father, however, was speaking in a different context. I am a professional architect with equal footing in the Arts and Technical Sciences. My worldview is a synthesis of many fields, and is both holistic and scientifically inquisitive. Through my years of research I ventured beyond the traditional uses of shapes and colors, into the experimental study of their objective subtle energy effects.

The application of this new scientific approach to my existing repertoire of knowledge enabled me to study the subtle energy principles of architecture in ancient sacred locations, and the rituals connected to them. This was the beginning of an inner spiritual journey to the essence beyond traditional religious doctrines. The science of BioGeometry introduces a revolutionary approach that goes beyond the mainstream scientific view based on quantitative measurements, and the boundaries of what can be verified and proven.

For example, the world was round long before we could scientifically prove it! BioGeometry brings to light that which has been kept out of our perceived reality by the confinement of the senses, to form a broader worldview that could guide us back to harmony with all the laws of nature. We do not need to re-invent this worldview; it was there at the beginning of Western Civilization on the opposite side of a coin from which we have chosen the quantitative criteria to form the beginning of modern Western sciences.

The qualitative dimension is however right there, hidden within our modern scientific quantitative worldview, a view that goes back to the Greek philosophers of whom Pythagoras stands foremost among the founders of modern Western Civilization. He is regarded as the father of sciences such as Mathematics, Geometry and Musical Harmonics. However, what he could divulge from the qualitative scientific holistic knowledge of Ancient Egypt, he kept for his closest disciples.

The qualitative teachings were based on the knowledge that he had acquired in the temples of Ancient Egypt, where he lived for twenty-two years. The quantitative scientific teachings of Pythagoras are therefore, rooted in hidden qualitative secret knowledge that has been lost.

This relationship between gold and spiritual energy was recognized in many ancient cultures and was expressed in sacred art. For example, in the paintings and icons of religious figures we find them depicted with a golden halo around the head. We can view BioGeometry as a modern form of alchemy, based on the subtle energy interactions of geometrical shapes.

Ancient alchemy involved chemical methods performed using certain qualities of numbers, letters, astronomy and astrology to produce a grain of physical gold from base metals such as antimony or lead.

The resulting grain of gold produced was the proof that the energy quality of the user had been transformed to a higher level that was in resonance with physical gold, which would have indicated the attainment of a high level of spirituality. BioGeometry as a modern science based on a Physics of Quality gave me the necessary tools to decipher many of the secrets of ancient cultures. It provided a key to open the doors to the vast knowledge of Ancient Egypt.

They developed geometrical methods in their buildings with alignments to those sacred areas in the sky to connect them to the ones on earth. This theory sheds light on many aspects of Ancient Egyptian Architecture, as found in temple and pyramid designs. It is through BioGeometry that we are trying to resurrect the knowledge of the past and develop it to suit our era and create a better future. If we look beneath, we will find the hidden threat which we are just beginning to become aware of.

The wider proliferation of electromagnetic waves is a hallmark of the information age. Numerous studies are showing the broader detrimental consequences of these radiations. Swisscom, the main mobile communication provider in Switzerland, ignited a spark of positive change towards this attitude. After being part of a BioGeometry solution in the area of Hemberg, St. Gallen in Switzerland, they supported our theory which states that resonance among all electromagnetic sources such as high tension cables, television and radio transmission, house currents, electrical appliances and also earth radiation , create a harmful situation in which all sources play a role, but none can solely be held responsible.

A new source like a mobile communication tower can be like the drop of water that causes the barrel to overflow, becoming then only a part of the totality of the harmful situation in which the individual sources have minor roles.

Back Future Mankind Biogeometry by Ibrahim Karim

This theory, which is based on my experience and successful results in the Swiss projects, was acknowledged in an open letter by Swisscom in Baubiologie magazine Fig. This is concrete proof of the success of the practical application of BioGeometry in solving environmental problems. The success of our work in Hemberg was widely covered by the Swiss German media, which prompted the government to consider a nationwide solution that is still in debate.

However, the local cantons states could not wait, and we were commissioned by the local government to apply a BioGeometry solution to the area of Hirschberg in the canton of Appenzell. The Appenzell project was covered by Swiss National Television step by step, and was aired as a documentary that acknowledged the success of the project, and noted the sustained satisfaction of the residents of the village of Hemberg the first project , two years after the BioGeometry solution was implemented.

BioGeometry in Hemberg: Mobile communication is not the only cause! Ibrahim Karim was asked about the potential of the science of BioGeometry which he developed.

Reading through the introduction, you will find that Dr. The readers tend to believe that the mobile communication antenna in Hemberg is causing health problems.

Karim, on the contrary, has a different perspective regarding the situation in Hemberg. Karim expressed this point of view repeatedly in every meeting. By the fact that he successfully solved the problem, Dr.

Karim confirmed his thesis that all electrical sources alongside earth radiations caused part of the disturbances in addition to mobile tower radiation.

Karim, Architect by profession, graduate of the renowned F. October and also in public presentations. The residents are happy that, through the help of Dr. Karim, the complaints of the afflicted persons have been reduced. It is important to understand that the disturbances are due to a combination of various bad effects arising from different sources of electromagnetic radiation.

By Eng. The Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in the fifth century B. We could not imagine that the Ancient Egyptians performed delicate brain surgery five thousand years ago, until we were able to perform such operations ourselves in modern medicine.

It is therefore, through the achievements of BioGeometry and the development of its techniques that we will go into the future, while unlocking the secrets of the past. We will understand how the worldview of Ancient Egypt had an equal footing in both the quantitative and the qualitative aspects of science.

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Looking to Pythagoras as the bridge that led to Western Civilization, we can try to find again the knowledge that has been left behind. If the knowledge that came through in an incomplete, unbalanced form has led to our great Modern Civilization, we cannot even begin to imagine what we can achieve when we bring over the rest.

It is my firm conviction that once we apply this knowledge, we can Humanize Modern Technology. I had gone to bed just before dawn, a dream woke me up early in the morning.

I spoke to his son Hanna, whom we call Janno, who told me something about the cemetery where his father was laid to rest, and showed me some lines written in a small notebook telling them about things related to our teachings, that they should ask me about. When I woke up I learned that Dr. Khalil had died just before midnight. I went to pay my respect to his family and could not stay very long, as I was so full of grief that I could not find the strength to speak.

Khalil Messiha was my teacher, friend and companion along the way in a never-ending journey. He died unexpectedly, without any previous ailments. It was a terrible shock to his family and friends. His departure was a great loss to all those seekers that he took along the way. We were actually three along the way, Dr. Fawzi Soliman being the third person in this unity. He was in fact the first, because it all started with him.

Let me take you on a journey down memory lane. Mahmoud Mahfouz a great thinker and scientific philosopher, who also played a major role in my life, and has always put his weight and scientific credibility behind my achievements in BioGeometry. Fawzi Soliman, who was at the time Director of the Museum of Ancient Egyptian Medicine, approached me one day without any previous acquaintance, and asked me if I could be in charge of the renovation of the museum.

It was in the Sakakiny Palace, a historical building which the government had taken from the Sakakiny family and converted into a museum.

Fawzi had asked the Minister of Health to let me handle the work, but the Minister had refused, saying that I was too busy at that time with a USAID project upgrading the deteriorated health centers and designing new ones , and referred him to another consultant. Fawzi did not know anything about me except my name.

We had never actually met, but he knew that no one else should do the renovation but me. That day, he approached me as I was going down the main staircase at the entrance to the Ministry of Health, and he asked me if I was the architect Ibrahim Karim? He told me that it was very important for him that I, and no one else, do it. Then all of a sudden, he took aside, in a very secretive way, and opened his briefcase to show me some strange wooden objects.

At first I did not know what they were? Nevertheless, I was intrigued and went to the Minister and insisted on doing the museum renovation. We decided to meet the next day on Friday, our day off, so we could have enough time to look at the museum. As I entered the Sakakiny Palace, I felt really sad at how the government had neglected it.

There was nobody there but Dr. We sat in his office, and he started again telling me about Radiesthesia. Later on, we were joined by his close friend Dr. Khalil Messiha. The three of us sat that day discussing Radiesthesia and different Ancient knowledge. I was very skeptical as many of the explanations did not fit into my mainstream scientific way of thinking or my background as an Engineer.

It just was inexplicable by any of the theories of Physics that I had studied at university. I asked about some scientific literature. This was the beginning of my journey, with a sign every day to guide me along the way. A few days later, the Minister of Health sent me on an official assignment to Paris.


From that time on, the three of us, Dr. Fawzi, Dr. Kahlil and I, were inseparable. I would finish work at the Ministry in the evening, go to my architectural office and then off to Dr. We would stay up talking and experimenting till very late at night. His wife, Marguerite, after putting the children to bed would bring us tea and cakes, and go to sleep leaving us to our research.

Other times, we would go to Dr. I became so obsessed that when I went home I diligently researched everything related to Ancient Knowledge, Radiesthesia and alternative disciplines. Dr Khalil and Dr Fawzi took me into their inner circles where I became part of a very special group of friends. There was Ammo uncle Wadie Girgis, as we called him; a healer who used to blow the disturbed energy away from the body and with his deteriorating eyesight, he could actually see better in the spirit world than in the physical one!

We also went to meetings at Dr. There, I met Dr. My friends also took me with them to the weekly Friday meetings at the Coptic Patriarchy to join a very select esoteric group studying with Anba Gregorious, the Cardinal responsible for scientific research in the Coptic Church. I was the only Muslim allowed in this group, to which even Copts were not permitted unless the Anba Gregorious himself invited them.

From the very first day, I developed a special relationship with the Anba and we were honored to be granted several private meetings with him, where we discussed various spiritual teachings and energy-related topics.

Khalil also introduced me to the Society for Ancient Wisdom, originally the Theosophical Society, which in typical Egyptian tradition was a closed group with only fourteen members at the time. I got married on the 14th of December ; early next morning, Dr. Khalil saw this timing as a blessing to my marriage, he felt that such an important visit would play a major role in my life. We took Rawya my wife with us that morning, and we went to meet him. Khoja Yacoub told us many stories, I felt that he was telepathically conveying a lot of information, as he would stop speaking and stare at me with huge wide open eyes.

I received important clues to certain knowledge during that day, but I only understood many of those hidden messages as they unfolded with time. This was a memorable day in my life. What happened in that meeting will be part of an autobiography, which I have started, and which only God knows when I will finish. Khalil later drew a portrait of the master from Luxor and gave it to me Fig.

As the years passed by, I met less with Dr. Fawzi and more with Dr. Khalil, as we were founders of the Imhotep Scientific Society, along with Dr. Yahya Hamza Koshak, a Saudi Engineer who wanted to bring the Egyptian practitioners of the alternative sciences under one roof, around twenty years ago. Yahya, traveled around the world bringing back all the latest literature and equipment that he could find. Many of our old friends along the way who are great guides, healers, yogis and spiritual teachers, joined the society, and thus gave the members rich and diverse teachings.

Khalil, however, was the main force behind the teaching. He held courses in Radiesthesia regularly, and taught many practitioners throughout the years. His older son, Dawoud, worked as an architect in my office for many years, and taught the foundation courses in Radiesthesia at our BioGeometry Center, while his younger son, Janno, was manufacturing some of our instruments.

As time went by, my work in tourism planning for the Red Sea area took me away from Cairo, and prevented me from taking part in the Imhotep Society or in our group meetings, which was something I missed so much.

Dr Khalil suggested that we start holding lectures for the foreign community in Egypt to introduce them to the science of Radiesthesia, which we considered a valuable key to unlocking the Ancient Knowledge.

We started our weekly Monday lectures at my office in Maadi, a southern suburb of Cairo, home to most of the foreign community living in Egypt. Later on, we started the Arabic lectures on Tuesdays. We always gave two lectures, Dr. Khalil gave the first one and I gave the second one. Our way of teaching was holistic; along a path of spiritual development on an inner level achieving a unity of religion. The fact that the teachers were one Coptic and the other Muslim emphasized the unity between Muslims and Christians.

We spent many years giving joint lectures, seminars, and courses. It was good being back together again. Adel Ezz. It was thanks to him that I got the opportunity to introduce BioGeometry to the scientific community and patented the BioGeometry Design Language of Shapes. I was then appointed head of a research group in the new science of BioGeometry, at the National Research Center. In this research group, I managed to bring in Dr.

Khalil Messiha, and Dr. Soheir Mahfouz daughter of Dr. Mahmoud Mahfouz, the former Minister of Health with whom it had all started , as part of the team. Although we only met twice a week, and sometimes on Thursdays when I went to lecture at the Imhotep Society, I felt we were back together again, as in the old days.

Radiesthesia in Egypt is thousands of years old. We did so much research and contact with the spirit world together, that we will surely continue the work wherever he may be, which could only be in a spiritual place fit for such a master.

Until we meet, may God bless you, dear teacher and friend, and help your family to overcome this great loss. In the spring of , while I was giving a seminar in the United States, I learned of the departure of Dr. Fawzi Soliman. I remembered the day we had sat together and shed tears when Dr.

Khalil died, and that day I shed my tears alone when I learned of his departure. May God bless him in his journey to where the three of us will meet again someday.

As mentioned in my journal, a few days after I met with Dr Khalil and Dr Fawzi and they talked about the origin of the scientific form of Radiesthesia not to be confused with the popular psychic method of Dowsing , the Minister of Health sent me on an official assignment to Paris. I was told that the books were out of print and no longer available.

I insisted and explained that I needed them for scientific research. A lady healer has been calling five times a day asking where is the Egyptian? She said that the tragic death of Chaumery marked the end to the era of those pioneers, and that of the scientific school was abandoned for the more popular psychic practice.

Madame Lambert said that, if the Ancient Physics was to be revived, the person to do it must be an Egyptian, and as an architect versed in geometrical shapes I was destined to do that. She had her assistant bring a huge stack of old dust-covered books from the cellar, which she insisted that I take as a present because she believed that I would revive and develop the Physical School of Radiesthesia1 which was a legacy of Ancient Egypt.

During my architectural studies in Zurich, I acquired a special interest in theories of colors and shapes through the works of Muller2 and Goethe, in particular. What I found in the books of Radiesthesia did not fit in with any of these theories. However, I felt that there is something there, and this challenged my inquisitive nature. I started studying the books given to me with great fervor, and found that although the methodology worked fine, there were scientific explanations missing.

I realized that the pendulum used in Radiesthesia work is not just a weight on a string, but a precise measuring tool related to a musical string If we fix a string at one point and add a weight at the other end it will behave and resonate exactly like a musical string according to the laws of Harmonics Fig.

I realized that string theories, in music and physics, played a major role in the science of Radiesthesia.

I had spent part of my youth studying classical piano, at the Tigermann Music Conservatory in Cairo, and had some experience in the subject. I went back to explore theories of music and harmonics; this is where Pythagoras came in for me.

I discovered the science of Ancient Harmonics through his work, and expanded my study from there on with the works of Hans Kayser, Hans Jenny and others. From the theory of harmonics, I managed to understand the whole concept of strings and developed my own scientific method of Physical Radiesthesia in BioGeometry. I then combined this work with my architecture studies and adapted this new tool of measurement to study the subtle energy criteria of historic monuments and locations.

In BioGeometry Harmonics, the balancing subtle energy quality produces a system of numbers, proportions and angles which play an important part in the design principles of BioGeometry, that we apply in architecture and all other forms of design.

By coincidence, or higher guidance, this is the same government owned publishing house that half a century later supported the cause of BioGeometry, and was making available the BioGeometry products through their chain of bookstores all over Egypt.

Negative Green is a carrier wave quality that has very strong communication properties on all subtle energy levels in nature, and is a doorway to other dimensions.

In the qualitative color scale of Radiesthesia, Omega is part of the Horizontal Negative Green range, in the gray area between white and black, opposite to the green.

Enel concluded that the presence of this Omega energy indicated the presence of spiritual energy that reflected the spiritual attainment of the saints Fig. Knowing that the tombs of those saints were within ancient church complexes that were usually built on sacred power spots in ancient times, I started checking if this energy quality was also present in all sacred places and subtle energy power spots in nature, regardless of whether they enclosed tombs of saints or not.

I found that the Ancient Egyptian temples, with their sacred lakes, emanated a strong Horizontal Negative Green.

This energy quality was strongest in the central and holiest chamber of the temple, and in the natural spring or sacred lake usually found in such locations. Old churches and mosques gave similar results, as attested to by several researchers and authors3. All the power spots that I tested around the world, whether they had old buildings on them or not, showed the same qualities.

Horizontal Negative Green was then a good way of detecting power spots with this special beneficent energy quality, whether deemed sacred by humanity or not.

It took many years of research to discover the other two components.

At the end, I found that they were so obvious and had been in front of my eyes all along. The second of these components was an energy quality that we find at dawn: the Higher Harmonic of Ultraviolet.

This is the realm where angels manifest and many spiritual rituals take place. As an artist, I was aware of the symbolism of the golden halo or golden aura around the heads of saints as depicted in religious art in many cultures.

However, it never occurred to me that with gold in my hand I could resonate with the spiritual subtle energy quality and detect it that way. Now at last, I was able to develop design principles that could resonate with and reproduce the harmonizing energy quality as found in beneficent power spots in nature. BioGeometry The BioGeometry Worldview BioGeometry, the design language of shapes, is the proprietary science4 of using the energy principles of BioGeometry to amplify an energy quality manifest in nature that is found in the centers of all energy patterns of shape.

This subtle energy quality is at the core of the forming process in nature, and is responsible for maintaining the harmony within energy structures of all systems animate and inanimate , and providing balance among the different manifest energy qualities of the components of the overall patterns of that system Fig. In BioGeometry, we have developed proprietary shapes and design principles that we use to replicate and amplify this highly beneficial natural subtle energy quality.

In order to understand how the application of the science of BioGeometry can harmonize the energy qualities of the environment, we have to shift into the BioGeometry Qualitative Worldview. The BioGeometry worldview is a synthesis of the energy qualities of a space, it encompasses what we can and cannot perceive; it is a holistic view that does not differentiate between what is visible and what is not. This outlook is based primarily on practical measurements of the energy quality of interactions according to an abstract Physics of Quality, and applied according to a sophisticated system of BioGeometry Harmonics, which integrates the metaphysical with the physical, the material with the spiritual, and the sensory with the extra-sensory, in a harmonious unity.

BioGeometry is a science of quality. When we speak about a science of quality, we are referring to a science which studies how different things affect each other on an unperceivable, subtle energy level.

Qualities have traditionally been seen as subjective as in the fields of Humanities and Arts. In the science of BioGeometry, we show an inner level to qualities that can be used in an objective, scientific manner. Qualitative scales of measurement The scientific study and application of quality is based on Qualitative Scales of Measurement.

All sensory perceptions of color, sound, smell, and touch are based on qualitative measurements. Although these qualities manifest in different forms with each sense and beyond, they are based on the same set of subtle energy effects that we can regard as the abstract universal qualities at the core of each sense.

We can then use color, sound, touch, etc…, as a scale to express the abstract transcendental qualities beyond their respective ranges in all vibratory ranges, whether perceived or not. In this way, everything in the universe can be categorized according to those abstract transcendental universal qualities Fig.

Thus they become scales of qualitative measurement. The units of a scale of quality are not abstract quantitative values, but qualitative attributes based on unperceived, yet viable effects on subtle energy systems. In order to study the effect of these unperceived attributes on energy systems, we need to choose an attribute that manifests within our perceptual range and beyond. If we take colors for example, we perceive a range of colors between red and violet.

We know, however, that on different frequencies that we cannot perceive, there are ranges of what we call ultraviolet and infrared. Modern technology has made us able to use these unperceived frequencies. These attributes, whether they are color, music or others, follow the natural laws and have a scale that manifests within our perception; but as qualitative measurement scales, they can also be applied beyond their respective ranges to represent abstract universal qualities that manifest throughout the vibratory ranges.

Similarly, we can have scales derived from other qualitative attributes Fig. Different cultures and traditions typically choose different scales, like different languages. We have qualitative scales based on polarity like in the Chinese yin-yang , and others based on qualities related to the earth magnetic coordinates and expressed as the five elements of the Chinese Bagua compass , or the four elements found in many other traditions.

Humanity is one of the last moral maps we'll get as humanity enters the Jurassic Park of Big Tech. Gerd Leonhard Dear friend, as a fellow human being I invite you to take part in what might be the most important conversation our tribe will ever have — Technology vs.

Thank you. In the past, each radical shift in human society has been driven primarily by one key enabling shift factor — from wood, stone, bronze and iron to steam, electricity, factory automation and the Internet. I believe my role here is to open up and catalyze the debate, hence I have set out to craft a spirited manifesto rather than a guidebook.

And of course, going forward, many of my talks, keynotes and films will expand on the themes outlined in the book, as well. In the book, I have set out what I believe to be the driving forces of change, and present an assessment of their potential impacts and implications. I have highlighted many fundamental questions raised by the accelerated and exponential pace of development across multiple fields of science and technology.

I argue to place human happiness and wellbeing at the heart of the decision making and governance processes that will shape future investments in scientific and technological research, development and commercialisation — because in the end, technology is not what we seek , but how we seek.

The assumption is that whatever worked well for us up to now should in some slightly improved shape or form also serve us nicely in the future. Yet the new reality is that because of the increased impact of exponential and combinatorial technological changes as I will explain throughout this book the future is actually very unlikely to be an extension of the present. Rather, it is certain to be utterly different — because the framework and the underlying logic has changed.

Therefore, in my work as a futurist I try to intuit, imagine and immerse myself in the near-future years and then work my way back from there rather than towards it.

This book is both a report from that future and a kind of manifesto, a passionate call to stop and think before we all get swept up in the magic vortex of technology, and eventually become less rather than more human. I feel that we are living in one of the most exciting times in the history of mankind, and I am generally very optimistic about the future.

However, we definitely need to define and practice a more holistic approach to technology in order to safeguard the very essence of what being human means. The time required for each exponential performance step is also declining in many fields, and this is driving the potential for fundamental change across every activity on the planet.

In practical terms, we are now past the stage in the life of the curve where it was difficult to gauge that something is happening, at all, i. At the same time, fortunately, we are not yet at the point where those doublings are so great that the results will overwhelm our understanding and inhibit our capacity to act. To put things in perspective, in my view we are at a relative performance level of around four in most fields, and the next exponential step will take us to eight, rather than a more linear rise to five!

This is the very moment when exponential increases are starting to really matter, and technology is now driving exponential changes in every sector of our society, from energy, transportation, communications and media, to medical, health, food and energy. Next, imagine the genome profiles of some 2 Billion people uploaded to a secure cloud hopefully in an anonymized way! The scientific possibilities that will be unleashed will blow away anything we have dreamed of while simultaneously bringing enormous ethical challenges: dramatic longevity increases for those that have the budget, the ability to re-program the human genome, and—potentially—the end of ageing, or even dying.

Such exponential developments suggest that continuing to imagine our future in a linear way will probably lead to catastrophically flawed assumptions about the scale, speed and potential impacts of change. That may be part of the reason why so many people cannot seem to grasp the growing concerns about technology trumping humanity—it all seems so far away, and, for now, rather harmless because we are only at four on this curve.

Issues such as the increasing loss of privacy, technological unemployment or human de-skilling are still not in-our-face enough — but this is bound to change very quickly! It is also important to realize that the biggest shifts will happen because of combinatorial innovation, i. For example, we are increasingly seeing companies combining Big Data and the Internet of Things IoT concepts along with AI, mobility, and the cloud to create extremely disruptive new offerings see chapter 4 on Megashifts.

Suffice to say that nothing and no one will be untouched by the changes in store for us, whether they are realized with good will, while ignoring or neglecting to consider the unintended consequences, or with harmful intent. On the one hand, unimaginable technological breakthroughs may dramatically improve our lives and hugely further human flourishing see chapter 10, on happiness and for what exactly flourishing may mean in the future. On the other hand, some of these exponential technological changes are quite likely to threaten the very fabric of society, and ultimately question our very humanness.

Shortly after, the human era will be ended. Is such progress avoidable? If not to be avoided, can events be guided so that we may survive? Welcome to HellVen! It is quickly becoming clear that the future of man-machine relations very much depends on the economic system that creates them. We are facing what I like to call HellVen i. In fact, they are starting to become a digital copy of us — and if that thought is not worrying you yet, imagine this amplified x in the next 5 years.

Navigating a strange city? Impossible without Google Maps. TripAdvisor will tell me. No time to answer all my emails? In this book I will explain why I do not think the dystopian scenario is likely to happen. At the same time, I will argue that we are now facing some fundamental choices when it comes to deciding and planning how far we will allow technology to impact and shape our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the lives of future generations.

I strongly disagree and will explain how I think humans can emerge as winners in this coming clash between man and machines. Technology and humanity are converging, and we are at a pivot point As I started writing this book and weaving the themes into my talks, three important words rose to the top and stood out — exponential, combinatorial and recursive. The performance vs cost-curve continues to rise exponentially, not in the gradual or linear way humans tend to understand and expect.

This represents a huge cognitive challenge for us: Technology grows exponentially, while humans hopefully, I would add remain linear. Technological advances are being combined and integrated. Game-changing advances such as machine intelligence and deep learning, the Internet of Things IoT , and human genome editing are beginning to intersect and amplify each other. They are no longer applied just in specific individual domains — instead they are causing ripples across a multitude of sectors.

For example, advanced human gene editing technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 may eventually allow us to beat cancer and dramatically increase longevity. These are developments that would upend the entire logic of medical care and health, social security, work, and even capitalism itself.

For example, we are already seeing the first examples of robots that can reprogram or upgrade themselves or control the power grid that keeps them alive, potentially leading to what has been called an intelligence explosion.

Some, such as Oxford academic Nick Bostrom believe this could lead to the emergence of super-intelligence — AI systems which could one day learn faster, and out-think humans in almost every regard. If we can engineer AIs with an IQ of , what would keep us from building other ones with an IQ of 50, — and what would happen if we did? Thankfully, recursive super-intelligence is not yet on the immediate horizon.

However, even without such challenges, we are already grappling with some rapidly escalating issues, such as the constant tracking of our digital lives, surveillance-by-default, the deskilling of our kids, diminishing privacy, the loss of anonymity, digital identity theft, data security, and much more. That is why I am convinced the groundwork for the future of humanity—positive or dystopian — is being laid here, today.

1#the Future of Mankind in Global Warming Perspective (18!8!07 Finished)

We are at a crucial junction, and we must act with much greater foresight, with a decidedly more holistic view, and with much stronger stewardship as we unleash technologies that could end up having infinitely more power over us than we could ever imagine. We can no longer adopt a wait-and-see attitude if we want to remain in control of our destiny and the developments that could shape it.

Rather, we must pay equally as much attention on what it will mean to be or remain human in the future what defines us as humans than what we spend on developing infinitely powerful technologies that will change humanity forever.If we apply the laws of harmonics, such as resonance to the sensory perceptions, they would also extend and be applicable to all ranges beyond them covering the totality of absolute reality. That strikes me as a very bad bargain, a downgrade rather than an upgrade, and in this book I will explain why I passionately believe we should not go down that road watch my related videos on The Singularity Right now, in , computers simply do not have the power, the chips are still too big, networks still do not have the speed, and the electricity grid by and large cannot support machines that would need this much power.

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