abbreviations,. MOH forms, key ward index, and alphabetical index. As per Saudi Ministry of Health directive, only drugs which belong to one of the. As per Saudi Ministry of Health directive, only drugs which belong to one of the .. narcotics and controlled medications found in the Key Word Index of this. ESSENTIAL MEDICINES OF SAUDI ARABIA | 2nd LIST ا ﺔﻤﺋﺎق. ﻷ. ﺔﻳدوﻌﺴﻟا ﺔﻴﺑﺮﻌﻟا .. SFDA criteria for including drugs in the Essential Medicines List: 1- WHO .

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SAUDI DRUG INDEX - This application collects medicines registered in Saudi market and displays them in easy and flexible way that make it. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Physicians play a key role in generic drug prescribing, but their Article ( PDF Available) in Annals of Saudi medicine 29(1) · March with Reads and the use of drugs with a narrow therapeutic index. PDF | On Jan 1, , Alomi YA and others published National Drug Information Center Program at Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

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New Releases. Drug Index Offline Nooglesoft Medical. Add to Wishlist. Drug Index is the leading medical resource mostly used by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information.


This powerful app contains everything you need to provide better care to your patients including information on dosing and administration, safety, interactions and patient teaching. It provides all the information required to protect themselves and their patients when administering drugs.

This application delivers evidence base need to safely administer these drugs along with important patient monitoring instructions specific to each drug. Users with 'rooted' devices and ad-blocker software installed may experience connectivity errors while using drug index.

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Although there is increasing local and international encouragement for physicians to prescribe generic products, some physicians are not in favor of prescribing generic drugs. Therefore, many studies have tried to find determinants of this practice. The purpose of this study is multifaceted. The study aimed to investigate physician perception and attitudes regarding substituting generic medications for brand name drugs and to examine factors that affect this pattern of prescription.

Lastly, the study explored various types of potential pressures from patients and drug companies that might affect physician decision-making to prescribe generics. METHODS Preliminary interviews were conducted with a sample of 12 physicians and 4 pharmacists to assess the significant dimensions of generic drug practices.

Based on this initial response and a review of the literature, a questionnaire was designed and constructed. The questionnaire was refined after pre-testing it on a sample of physicians. This study was conducted in central Saudi Arabia. All selected individuals were practicing physicians. Sampled physicians included primary health care, hospital, as well as private practitioners. The required sample size was physicians.

Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal

The sample was multiplied by 1. The required sample after considering the design effect was physicians.

The sample size was increased to to compensate for non-response. To obtain this sample, physicians were selected from primary health care centers, governmental hospitals and private sectors.


The questionnaire was designed to elicit the perception, attitude and behavior in relation to generic prescribing. To standardize the definition of generic drugs among study participants, a clear definition was included at the beginning of the questionnaire.

The questionnaire collected information on: 1 personal, background and demographic data of the sampled physicians including their affiliation, specialty, years of experience and age; 2 the perception of physicians of price differences between generics and brand names and the sources of their information; 3 physician attitudes and beliefs regarding generic drug quality, therapeutic efficacy, the impact of use of generics on drug research, and the perception that the use of drugs has potential cost savings; 4 prescribing beliefs of physicians; and 5 the role of patients, drug company representatives, and health care administration policy in influencing the physician decisions on prescribing.Newsletter Submit.

Graham is an unpaid consultant for Novartis in relation to vaccine development for treatment or prevention of H. The task force members spent about three weeks reviewing the formulary, finalizing the plan, and summarizing the recommendations. Although physicians reported that representatives of generic drugs do not visit them frequently, they selected them as the first source of their information about generics.

Clinical usage of most drugs is often short such that the benefits can easily outweigh possible but low risks. External link. Add to Wishlist. Prescribiing indicators and their use by primary care groups to influence prescribing.

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