Download John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Short Description. Download John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Description. View more Comments. John Nunn's Chess Puzzle - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. PUZZLE BOOK new enlarged edition. John Nunn. A much-expanded new edition of. John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book. Countless hours of challenge. By one of.

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Gambit Chess publication: John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book - new enlarged edition by John Nunn. Download a pdf file with a sample from the book. John Nunn - John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book PDF (5,66 MB) dpi OCR version. Author: John Nunn Title: John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book Released: Format: pdf/rar Quality: good Number of pages: Size: 5 Mb.

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In a interview, Magnus Carlsen explained that he thought extreme intelligence could actually be a hindrance to one's chess career. Simply too much.

His enormous powers of understanding and his constant thirst for knowledge distracted him from chess. Nunn is also involved with chess problems , composing several examples and solving as part of the British team on several occasions.

On this subject he wrote Solving in Style There were further wins of the World Championship in [11] and in Nunn has long been interested in computer chess. In , Nunn was announced as the first editor of the newly created Chessbase magazine.

Nunn succeeds magnificently in achieving this. When I was involved in running a chess stall at congresses, many times I faced the question "Can you recommend a chess book that I can read?

Now, I would not struggle to find an answer. It is genuinely instructive and should conclusively prove that the old masters and their games still have a lot to offer Nunn uses examples from many different situations to explain characteristics of a position.

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And he always gives alternatives and elaborates on their respective merits. This avoids two problems that many tactical exercise books suffer from - the tendency to look too quickly for the solution if it is on the following page or the need to flip back and forth between the front and back of the book to compare the exercise and solution.

One other nice feature is the hints that offer a transition stage between trying to solve the exercise and giving up. John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book is certainly a book to turn to" - New-in-Chess "You might find it unusual to write a column about chess history and biographical games collections and then include a book of puzzles, especially one written 8 years ago!

Nunn takes his test positions from actual games, often between leading grandmasters.

Be warned that it is also a very advanced book, in that the majority of exercises would be extremely difficult for the average player to solve. In fact, I think that the book is most helpful for strong players, say, and above, who want a real challenge.

Even grandmasters might get a tough workout solving these positions, and they could well be part of a master's tournament preparation.

For the record, I was impressed by the subtlety of some of these positions and showed a few of them on my Chess. FM Internet show.

But that has nothing to do with the reason that I've selected this book to talk about. Rather, I'd like to describe a fascinating and potentially controversial section that Nunn incorporated into this book, one that seems to have escaped notice in most book reviews: his historical comparison of older, pre-World War I players to modern ones.

Nunn calls this section 'The Test of Time'.

I'm going to essentially take Nunn's own words to give an abridged version of his goal, technique, and results. Thus you will read one of the least original reviews of all time, but learn about a fascinating endeavour.Unlike many quiz books that contain problems based upon tricks in positions, Nunn has primarily selected positions that require precisely calculated solutions.

If you need them, there are hints to help you on your way.

It doesn't seem likely that he would go on to knowingly write something that could be seen as a duplication of Silman's work. The book ends with a series of tests to measure your skills against those of other players.

For ease of following, extra diagrams have been added to the solutions throughout. If more quiz books were as good as this one, well, there probably wouldn't be a need for any more quiz books. He is the director of chess publishers Gambit Publications.

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