Pattern Recognition is a novel by science fiction writer William Gibson published in Set in Pattern recognition (book cover).jpg. Original first edition cover. sential as the book includes a self-contained introduction to basic probability theory. cerpts from an earlier textbook, Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition. Pattern Recognition book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Cayce Pollard is an expensive, spookily intuitive market-res.

Pattern Recognition Book

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Pattern Recognition (Blue Ant) [William Gibson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ Pattern Recognition is William Gibson's best book since. Editorial Reviews. Review. The first of William Gibson's usually futuristic novels to be set in the present, Pattern Recognition is a masterful snapshot. This is the first textbook on pattern recognition to present the Bayesian viewpoint. The book presents approximate inference algorithms that permit fast.

This film may or may not have a plot, it may or may not be complete; what all who see it agree is that is has an awesome, melancholy power. The clip-hunters, or footageheads, congregate in newsgroups to speculate as to who is creating the footage, and why.

Of course, when Bigend hears of this, the greatest piece of viral marketing since The Blair Witch Project, he wants in. Cayce is encouraged to turn her hobby into her job, and off around the world, in pursuit of "the maker", she goes.

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

This is a good opportunity for Gibson to do what he does best, the spaced-out travelogue. Cayce's quest takes her first to Tokyo, capitalist epitome, and then Moscow, capitalist wannabe.

Gibson's eye for detail and his way with a phrase remain exquisite: "In the sunlit street, all is still; nothing moves save the cinnamon blur of a cat, just there, and gone.

In Pattern Recognition , Gibson's resourceful heroine, Cayce Pollard, is given huge resources by an untrustworthy corporate spiv, Hubertus Bigend, to find the maker of mysterious and melancholy footage. In his earlier novel Count Zero, Gibson's resourceful heroine, Marly Krushkhova, is given huge resources by an untrustworthy megacorporate spiv, Herr Virek, to find the maker of mysterious and melancholy boxes.

Both novels are a quest after the artist, the person capable of investing mere light, mere matter, with soul. Without giving the end away, the revelation of Count Zero is the more radical.

Pattern recognition, as a human phenomenon, becomes something else when it goes too far; it becomes "apophenia One of the disappointments of the novel is that it doesn't push this far enough as a potential plot device. If there were an insane number of interconnections by the end, as is sometimes the case in thrillers, then the reader would feel more fulfilled. Judged just as a thriller, Pattern Recognition takes too long to kickstart, gives its big secrets away before it should and never puts the heroine in believable peril.

The pivotal moment comes when Cayce is granted access to the huge resources of Bigend's company.

Pamela Mainwaring, one of Bigend's glamorous employees, presents Cayce with a credit card. Case takes it. Platinum Visa customised with the hieratic Blue Ant Pamela Mainwaring hands her an expensive German rollerpoint. Cayce puts the card face down on the trestle table and signs its virgin back.

Something seems to clunk heavily, at the rear of her ethical universe. Gibson loves high-end luxury: "We have an iBook for you, loaded, cellular modem.

And a phone. It's good here, anywhere in Europe, Japan, and the States The Tokyo office is at your complete disposal.

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Reviews From the reviews: "This beautifully produced book is intended for advanced undergraduates, PhD students, and researchers and practitioners, primarily in the machine learning or allied areas A strong feature is the use of geometric illustration and intuition This is an impressive and interesting book that might form the basis of several advanced statistics courses.

It would be a good choice for a reading group. Neal, Technometrics, Vol.

It is certainly structured for easy use. Howard, Kybernetes, Vol.

Aimed at advanced undergraduates and first-year graduate students, as well as researchers and practitioners, the book assumes knowledge of multivariate calculus and linear algebra ….

Summing Up: Highly recommended.

Upper-division undergraduates through professionals. It is well-suited for courses on machine learning, statistics, computer science, signal processing, computer vision, data mining, and bio-informatics.

It is written for graduate students or scientists doing interdisciplinary work in related fields. A large number of very instructive illustrations adds to this value.

It can be used to teach a course or for self-study, as well as for a reference. It presents a unified treatment of well-known statistical pattern recognition techniques. The illustrative examples and exercises proposed at the end of each chapter are welcome ….His sentences slide from silk to steel, and take tonal joy rides from the ironic to the earnest. I won't go into that particular plot resolution.

Cayce finds herself at the center of the search for the origin of this mystery in a global game of tag with those who want to use this pure form of art to make themselves rich, as it is a wildly successful advertisement for itself already but they want to brand and sell it.

Woman antagonist gets in her way a couple of times throughout.

Bestselling Series

Gibson created the term mirror-world to acknowledge a locational-specific distinction in a manufactured object that emerged from a parallel development process, for example opposite-side driving or varied electrical outlets. From BBC radio 4 Extra: Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Our MC is hired to track down the creator of a set of anonymously released videos, which is what brings in all of the above espionage and electronic surveillance and such.

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