24/07/18, Advertisement regarding Schedule of Offline Counselling at ACPC, Ahmedabad 20/07/18, Important Instructions regarding Offline counselling for admission in Vacant seats at ACPC 23/03/18, BE e-booklet for >, BE Notification Dated: , , , , Conducting PGCET – for different disciplines for. Non GATE/ Non the list of participating institutes in Annexure I of this booklet is for Admission purpose . (Regulation of Admission and Payment of Fees) Rules, (Information booklet and PIN can be obtained by the candidate from any of.

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8 Declaration of Final Merit List on the ACPC website. The admission modalities and all other information provided in this booklet are purely for reference, GUIDELINES FOR ONLINE ADMISSION lost after registration, reach ACPC office at Ahmedabad with identification March, and not opted for TFW scheme, not entered the marks at the time of. a notification had constituted two different Committees called “Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC)” to regulate the admission of candidates.

Self financed institutions SFI. From the year Grant-in-aid institutions GIA c. New Delhi. The ACPC is under consideration for making elaborate arrangement to the applicants for distribution of application forms. Thus in majority of programs.

Few programs. Please visit the website www. The selected bank has to also undertake the work of banking operations of admission to Diploma Engineering course. ACPC has decided to collect the fees per student admitted in Govt.

Diploma to Degree Pharmacy M. The details of institutions participated in the admission process during last year i.

But Bank has to collect the partial tuition fees of self financed institutions. Last year. Tech M. The fee structure for the govt. After completing number of rounds of admission process decided by the ACPC. At help centres. The internet facilities are provided to the candidates at all the help centres across the state.

gujacpc.nic merit list

This activity continues for about 10 to 15 days after the result is declared for each admission. Various types of activity to be performed during the admission process are listed as follows: The tentative schedule for various banking operation to be executed during the online admission process for admission to different courses are given in Annexure B. Majority of these help centres are institutes imparting professional education.

After getting the PIN. Last year about 70 such help centres created for degree engineering admissions. After filling of online application forms by the students. Once the admission is granted. After completing admission process.

Bank has to open their counter at the help centre especially where their branch is not available near the help centre within the distance of 5 km. After allotment of the admission. Once all rounds of the admission are over.

Rules for Appeals

Selected bank has to update the fee collection data online through bank counter module of the Admission software provided by our agency NIC and work in coordination with them for other issues to be arises time to time. Bank has also to provide daily report as well as such other reports as may be asked by ACPC regarding fees collections to the designated officer of the ACPC for each admission.

Payment gateway facility.


Collection of Tuition fees from the candidate who gets admission in the professional courses at various branches of the bank as per the schedule decided by ACPC. Collection of Tuition fees from the candidates who get admission through the bank counter as per the schedule decided by ACPC. Daily report of the fees collected from the students and amount disbursed. Remittance of the fees to the Institutions in the form of Demand draft or fund transfer or through Net banking facilities after completion of admission process.

Remittance of the fees to the Institutions in the form of demand draft or fund transfer or through Net banking facilities after completion of admission process. Refund of the fees to the candidates who cancel their admission. Online connectivity of fee details with the NIC software.

ACPC Pharmacy Cut Offs

Daily report of the fees collected from the candidates and amount disbursed. There should be a single contact person from the selected bank and similarly from ACPC to ensure smooth conduct of entire admission process. The tentative schedule of the online admission process is given in Annexure B. The bank has to conduct different activities in liaison with ACPC. The detailed schedule for each courses as and when finalized.

Email ID 6 Number of branches of the bank having core banking facility in Gujarat enclose list of branches having core banking facility district wise 7 Number of ATM counters of the banks in the Gujarat Give number of ATMs district wise 8.

Email ID: Telephone No. Timing of the bank and branches for banking operations: Regular day Monday to Friday: On Saturday: Type of account to be offered and rate of interest to be given on such account: Is there any facility for auto swap fixed deposit?

If yes. Give short details: List of similar type of works handled in the past with ACPC or any other such agency provide the details in the following format during the last 5 years: Declaration I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Any other information the applicant wants to furnish. About 10th Distribution of Information May and booklet and PIN from designated continue for 10 days branches of the banks st 1 allotment process and pay About 5th July tuition fees in the bank. Up to end of Sep.

Degree Engg. Detailed schedule of each admission will be given before one week of start of admission. We have examined in detail and have understood. The EOI — Application is being submitted by name of the Bank for selection as the banker for the various banking operations related to admission work in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the EOI Document.

Letter for submission of EOI Date: The Member Secretary. We shall be solely responsible for any errors or omissions or misrepresentations in our application.

College of Engineering Campus. Ahmedabad Sub: Banking services in the admission process of various professional courses in the State of Gujarat for the year Dear Sir. No additional finals invitations will be given to remedy a complaint.

All complaints will be acknowledged. An appeal will be automatically rejected if the above procedure is not followed. Contest Format The contest will last exactly five hours unless there is an unforeseen difficulty that requires extending the time.

The contest problem-set is made of eight to twelve problems.

Each team attempts to solve as many problems as possible using a single computer. Contestants are free to choose the programming language s they want to use. A contestant may submit a claim of ambiguity or error in a problem statement by submitting a clarification request.

If the judges agree that an ambiguity or error exists, a clarification will be issued to all contestants. Notification of accepted runs may be suspended at an appropriate time to keep the final results secret. Notification of rejected runs will continue until the end of the contest. Solutions are judged by running them against some secret test cases. The contest judges are solely responsible for determining the correctness of the submitted solutions and their decision is final.

Judges will return the first of the two errors they notice. If a run is rejected, the team is free to try again and send as many runs as they wish until the problem is solved but make sure you understand the scoring rules. Problems Format Every effort is made to guarantee that problems avoid dependence on detailed knowledge of a particular application area or particular programming language. Each problem will require reading input from a specific text file, and printing its output to the standard console.

Hint to coaches: Make sure at least one team member can read data from text files. Since judging is a semi-automatic process, it is mandatory for the program output to match the output format specified in the problem description. The format of the input file will be designed so that multiple datasets can be included in a single text file.

Note that your program will be tested on a different and more complex dataset. In addition, the problem statement will specify the name you should use for your program, and the name of the input file.

Since compilation and testing is an automated process, it is important that you follow the naming convention exactly. A note to Java programmers: You can still have more than one top-level classes in a single source file as long as only the main one is declared public while the rest are unqualified i.

Output will be judged using a file comparison utility. Your program cannot require any intervention from the user. All input must be read from the input file. The input file will be in the same directory as your program. All test cases used in judging will conform to the input specifications. There is no point for your program to try to detect invalid input or missing input file. Make sure your program will compile and run using the Judges environment.

Teams who solve the same number of problems are ranked ascendingly by total time the score. The total time aka score is the sum of the time consumed for each problem solved. The time consumed for a solved problem is the time elapsed from the beginning of the contest to the submittal of the accepted run; plus 20 penalty minutes for every rejected run for that same problem.

There is no time consumed for a problem that is not solved even if there are rejected runs for it. For example, consider the following team which submitted 6 runs, three for problem A, two for problem B, and one for C. For solving problem C, the time consumed is 63 minutes. Resolving Ties Teams solving the same number of problems with the same total time are ranked by the geometric mean of the individual times for each solved problem smaller being better without the penalties.Panchmahal Phone: The purpose of this meeting will be to clarify the requirements as envisaged by the Authority and also to address the queries.

Engineering Admission Admission Apps Education. You can scroll through various help centres in your or nearby city. Nagar Faculty. The Authority will select the suitable bank found to be more competitive for the execution of banking operations for the admission related work. Established in

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